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A few days before, I went to Pushkar with my family in my car. There we stayed in a beautiful cottage type hotel where there were lots of greenery and natural beauty. While returning, my wife asked the gardener for some branches of a few trees. She wanted to plant those at our house. We brought those branches all the way from Pushkar to Gurgaon, then kept them in salted water in enough sunlight for 2-3days. In the meantime bought some pots with fertilized soil and one fine morning put those branches one by one in the pot. Actually there were three saplings. One was Indian Rose, and rest two were of two different colored China rose, one light saffron colored and another cherry red. Unfortunately the pot where we planted the rose sapling was broken and it didn’t show any sign to live in our place. Slowly it lost its green and died. Somehow, I believe it didn’t like our place. Then we were left with two very sensitive, tender saplings of China rose. Both of them were losing their hope to stay alive.

It became my routine, everyday morning, I wake up, then spend some good time with those dying plants, water them, touch their yellowish leaves and get ready for my office. It continued for more than one week. Slowly they were dying and I could not do anything. They were losing their leaves very fast.

It was a Sunday morning, I still remember, I woke up, went to the balcony where I have kept them, sat beside them with a mug of fresh water, surprisingly saw the leaves were looking a bit firm, not like dying till yesterday. I was very happy then. It was really a great news to see them finally they got back their strength to live. The very next day found the leave, which was trying to grow, turned yellow, pale and fell down. I spent some more time with that plant that day. Another plant was ok. It was also not in very good health but somehow retained its strength. This continued another week and to my surprise and valuing my hope both the plants became strong enough to hold the soil, stay firm and started growing, showed all good signs to come out of coma. I was very happy to see those two brothers grow, live their life in two small pots.

Now compare this with our own life. We see our kids (though I don’t have any till date). It is like seeing your own self growing infront of you. The seed you planted is slowly, systematically taking a shape, sometime fighting with wounds, illness etc but never giving up the hope to stay alive and you are also not letting him to think like that.

Having a kid is not an easy job. It’s the woman who carries baby in her womb for long nine months withstanding lots of pain, trauma and then the Labor Day pain. After giving birth, direct pain for another one month and then another struggle, nourishing, caring a lump of alive flesh to live, understanding its needs in time and provide that accordingly. It is never an easy job but after seeing that china rose grow, get back its life, seeing its tenacity to live in this earth, somehow I have started feeling the urge of seeing my own self growing infront of me.

It is strange and a bit weird too seeing myself spending time in writing a blog on this rather than discussing the same at my home, with my better half but one thing is clear, blogging is not sending a message to someone, it is kind of expressing yourself and in that way I am not wrong. Life is not a MS Excel sheet where you write the formula and get a desired result. It is actually a refined battle, where a single bullet can cause more harm than a missile.






AS 3

Machhimar is a name of a place near the western coast line of Mumbai, near the great known palace of Shahrukh Khan and a few kilometers before that great Sea-link bridge. It’s actually a big slum area where mostly fishermen live with their fishing boats and nets. Long before when even whole part of Mumbai was not integrated, from then people from various parts of India, some from presently Pakistan came and started fishing in the sea. They sail in the evening and sometime even go for a few weeks. They get married in their own society and produce children. Year after year, decade after decade and son after dad, it’s a heredity business. Catch fishes from the sea, and sell them to local vendors. Vendors buy fishes according to market demand and their strategy to maintain the price. Sometime some people don’t return. They vanish in the depth of sea. Their wife, families wait for them for a few months and then get married with someone else or die without being cared by any of her known.AS 2

Sometime some of their children ranks good in board exam and defeating the poverty continue to get higher education and earn money. Then either they shift to some other place to stay or just simply leave their parents to keep their head high in the status oriented society.

They got another reason to smile, a newest way of earning some money. While Ajmal Kasab came in India and attacked the great Taj Mahal hotel, Victoria Terminus and killed three police officers to make headline in paper in almost all the world famous dailies, all the newspapers and information agencies dragged their asses to find out the way of their entering in to Mumbai, where life never stops, dreaming gets bigger and better turnover every day, every moment. Machhimar was the place, from where they entered in the city. They studied a lot on their possible gateway to India and made plan to reach through that place. They had two reasons to choose the place as their entry point. One, people are more into earning their daily bread than noticing anything else and two, people watch cricket here. There was a cricket match of India when they stepped in the land of the city of dream, largest democracy at large.

Irfaan, a old man with rug like veins all over his hand and legs, tried to understand who the person was but failed, he made a sound in the darkness of Machhimar and asked who it was, someone of them replied harshly and told him to shut up. It happens when rich men walks in the slum area, they expect those starved hard working people to keep their mouth shut, if they had the power of making everything automated, they would have kicked these people out of the world also. Abdul was walking infront of his four by four feet room as his daughter was changing dress and they had only that space to live with. He also heard the sound of some people’s walk but he thought concentrating on his biri would be better option than concentrating on those studs.AS 1

Slowly the team came inside the land of India and got started with their plan to attack on our pride. Ajmal Kasab was hanged till death a year before after long legal trial and Machhimar got a tourist spot attention among people from various countries. People from different countries and obviously ever curious India started gathering in the place to give an alternative income source to the children and young people out there, they guide the visitors and show the place where those intruders came inside and earn ten to twenty rupees. Irfaan, became topic of amateur novice photographer’s with his camera friendly rug looking veins all through sculptured body and typical brown colored country cigar, locally known as biri. Initially he felt bad for the reasons behind becoming famous for an odd and painful reason, but slowly he started enjoying flashlight and the local people started earning a few bucks…

While coming in train, I had a long chat with one of my close friend and by birth she is a lady and still continued to be of the same sex. Actually we were pretty good friends before my marriage and then after marriage, as usual our communication decreased and thus whenever we talk, even being a guy I talk for almost one hour. We were worried about one our common childhood friend, who turned out to be a gay. Initially he was so scared to declare the fact thinking his family, society will not allow him to live in the society happily but after a very few days he is now proudly announcing the marriage with his male, partner and as its not legal yet in my country India, so he decided not to make it legal but to arrange a get together. I have already expressed my love for both of them and promised to join the ceremony. My friend, named Lisa, with whom I was talking in the morning also decided to join us there in Bangalore in the coming month. There we started our chatting and then only I noticed a lady wearing red tank top and semitransparent white ‘T’ on it. she was good looking and so I was checking her out and found, she wore a red colored panty too and that was covered with another a lesser semitransparent leggings. I was over the phone and couldn’t control appreciating the sexy beauty by saying, “what a goddamn fucking sexy appealing goddess”. Though it was not loud enough to reach the girls ear but was enough clear to reach the microphone point of my cellphone. My friend immediately got pissed off by hearing such nasty words from me and asked what happened and actually what’s the thing I saw, which made me to comment like that. I kept on telling her, convincing her that there was no bad intention or in anyway, I didn’t try to dishonor the lady. Even I didn’t mean to say that the lady wore the dress to look sexy in the eyes of gents, if she is not a lesbian. But again the old proverb, u can’t expect a lady to understand you unless it’s important to her or something related to sex, and I said that too. Thus the topic of ‘Womanism’ came.

I am dividing my discussion into three paragraphs.

  1. The definitions and meanings of Feminism and Womanism, and the bridge between these two words.
  2. Actually what general public think of it
  3. Conclusion and my views with some suggestion for the society


According to Wikipedia, The feminist movement (also known as the women’s movement, women’s liberation, or feminism) refers to a series of campaigns for reforms on issues such as reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay, women’s suffrage, sexual harassment, and sexual violence, all of which fall under the label of feminism. The movement’s priorities vary among nations and communities and range from opposition to female genital mutilation in one country to opposition to the glass ceiling in another.

The movement began in late nineties and gone through three stages:

  1. First Wave Feminism was oriented around the station of middle- or upper-class white women and involved suffrage and political equality.
  2. Second-wave feminism attempted to further combat social and cultural inequalities.
  3. Third-wave feminism includes renewed campaigning for women’s greater influence in politics.

The movement of feminism turned into womanism when skin color was added to it. It is a feminism that is “stronger in color”, nearly identical to “Black Feminism”. However, Womanism does not need to be prefaced by the word “Black”, the word automatically concerns black women. A Womanist is a woman who loves women and appreciates women’s culture and power as something that is incorporated into the world as a whole. Womanism addresses the racist and classist aspects of white feminism and actively opposes separatist ideologies. It includes the word “man”, recognizing that Black men are an integral part of Black women’s lives as their children, lovers, and family members. Womanism accounts for the ways in which black women support and empower black men, and serves as a tool for understanding the Black woman’s relationship to men as different from the white woman’s. It seeks to acknowledge and praise the sexual power of Black women while recognizing a history of sexual violence. This perspective is often used as a means for analyzing Black Women’s literature, as it marks the place where race, class, gender, and sexuality intersect. Womanism is unique because it does not necessarily imply any political position or value system other than the honoring of Black women’s strength and experiences. Because it recognizes that women are survivors in a world that is oppressive on multiple platforms, it seeks to celebrate the ways in which women negotiate these oppressions in their individual lives.

But a general public like me doesn’t bother about this meaning. For we people, it’s something like a caste. Like, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, womanism is also a caste according to general people like me. Our understanding with this fact or strange word is not clear at all. Where there are actually two kinds of people in the world (yes, She males are also there), male and female. My understanding from all the movements is, as the society has become male dominating, so Females are also in a need of equality. They are trying to prove that actually Males are not superior; either they are inferior than female or atleast of same level. Again the old nurtured topic of Superiority Complex and Inferiority complex comes. The more movements or actions will take place, the more the Feminism or womanism will come under scanner, and the more it will come under scanner, the more public will become aware. The more the awareness, the more criticism and most of the time criticism means negative feedback.

Yes in a country like India, where Rape cases are increasing day by day and there are many reasons to blame like poverty, illiteracy, greed but still humanity is there. If there is some reservation for the female in everywhere, from school to bus, train even in participation in elections also, then the first and foremost outcome is rage against them. Position can’t be offered but to be given.

Thus the root of feminism/womanism needs to be revised again. Feeding baby or doing household work doesn’t make them dependent or make them less civilized. It’s better to advertise about what they are doing and let’s make people aware of how much respect do those work deserve. Forcefully enforcement of laws and some mere phenomenon of showing how great woman are, is actually wastage of time, money and in real dishonoring the great job they have done. Let’s stop thinking of respecting female or woman and start respecting their jobs/works. We guys don’t want to feel threatened of the movement named Feminism or womanism. We want to put ourselves in a single word named humanity along with females also.

Let’s see a world, when people will be more interested in respecting other’s value, rather than indulging themselves in inventing new words to name some movement.



Oct 25, 2013: a girl was gang-raped by some local anti-socials.

Oct 26, 2013: semi-conscious body found

Oct 27, 2013: FIR at Madhyamgram police station

Oct 27, 2013: while returning after lodging FIR, again the same team with some other guys attacked the lady and gang-raped again

Oct 27, 2013: Spotted in a dazed condition and found by Police. Handed over to her father

Oct 28, 2013: two main accused were arrested by the police but 10 other were not.

Nov 13, 2013: due constant threat from the friends of the rapist and other neighbors, they had to leave the society and take a room in rent near Dumdum airport.

Nov 15, 2013: Family of the rapist came to know the landlady of the flat is relative of one of the accused. Force was coming indirectly to withdraw the charge.

Dec 23, 2013: the girl found burnt, was spotted by her own mother and was hospitalized immediately

Dec 24, 2013: Landlady and her son arrested


Dec 31, 2013:

  1. The lady opened her mouth and gave statement against some people mentioning, she didn’t try to commit suicide but was fired by the friends of the accused.
  2. The lady died
  3. 5pm: post mortem complete, death certificate issued and handed over to the raped lady’s father. He handed the paper to his brother, victim’s uncle.
  4. 7pm: the dead body started for ‘peace heaven’ to keep the body for sometime as they were waiting for some of their relatives to come
  5. 8pm: police took control of the mob and diverted it towards burning ghat.
  6. 12am: reached burning ghat but as there was no Death Certificate and the family refused to produce that, body was returned to the family again.

Jan 01, 2014:

  1. 6am: police again took the body and went to burning ghat and found the repetition of same problem. No death certificate. The family of the victim was threated to co-operate with the police but they refused.
  2. 9am: Body taken to CITU office
  3. 3pm: body taken to burning ghats by CITU leaders and the victim’s family.
  4. 5pm: taken to the furnace

A lady of aged 16, brutally raped, torn apart and then while returning from police station after lodging complaint, got raped again, humiliated by the whole society and ultimately was burnt by the friends of the accused died finally on the last day of the last year. The very 1st day of the year also saw something more painful than that happened with her while she was alive.

Shame our politicians, shame on you. Shame on us.

Our great oppositions in West Bengal have lost their backbone and became so impotent so that they can’t even find an issue to figure out. They are so immature and idiot to set their aim to fight against the power in throne. That’s why they are now trying to grab any opportunity to make their existence visible. What a shame my respected CITU leaders, what a shame!!!

Our just de-throne political leaders gone mad and that’s why they were busy playing politics with the body of a lady who was raped twice and ultimately was burnt to death. They took this incident to wake up their already dead political position. Anyone of those political leaders or the police officials have ever thought about the mental condition of that distressed parents? The lady was raped on October 25th and from then how many of them helped them to live peacefully without any further incident of getting threatened? How many times did those CITU leaders attended the place to ensure the safety of that lady? How on what base they played this game and applied color on a rape victim’s body?

That raped lady was not a political leader or follower by birth but her dad was and thus to hide the inactiveness, suddenly those political leaders raised their voice to earn some cheap publicity. The result is, she is not a raped victim. She is not a raped victim now but a daughter of some CITU supporter who was raped by some anti-socials.

Tomorrow, when another lady will be raped, then also put some political color on it, sometime bring the religion, minority factors too and let our society molest us.

How many of us go for a TMC doctor or CPIM doctor while admitted in a hospital and wait for a surgery? Kamduni showed a path, the path was free of politics. There also CPIM leaders reached to add color on it but the villagers refused to accept their help. Voice was of all the common people and that has become an example of how to raise voice and how to protest. In December 2012 country has seen the protest march against the rapists where people from all the political parties, religions, ages have joined. That was a proper protest.

CITU people, whoever took the decision of doing such nasty things and whoever supported it, followed it are not less than another rapists. Actually those rapists have raped her personally, but you people have raped the society, raped the whole concept of protest.

RIP humanity.