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In no way I feel women should be given equal rights. It is not a matter of necessity, it is a pure propaganda, for which urban literate people are fighting with each other and those who just don’t bother are facing the same existence crisis every single day. Moreover, the demand for equal right is a goddamn fucking joke. Women already are equal to men. I am talking about the places where this sense of equilibrium is asking for serious oxygen. I meant to say it has appealed to the literate and urban generation only. In city, we have enough time to think and distinguish things as per our own wish. Whatever you say right, most of the time I find it wrong. That’s the clash. Black & white, Urban & rural, men-women…who does fucking care except their own bread? Who has to earn his own bread, he knows the value of it, who eats bread earned by someone else, gets time to create turbulence among society. And there the concept of Pink comes.

The moment girls try to come out of their own color and get missed with guys, guys think they are giving ‘hints’, they starts thinking whatever they want can do with a girl, though there is strong laws and enforcements against that. Then why? Even quite aware of strong laws and probable enforcements, still why there are many cases of Rapes, Molestation etc are increasing day by day? Here the subtle statement comes. It’s kind of arrogance and then a feel of insecurity. It’s that feelings which forces one to show the power to prove superiority. It’s the same show offs which the person used to see it throughout his upbringing between his own mother and father. It is the eternal clash between two different sexes. None writes about the everyday trouble a man faces in his married life, none talks about the urge of having sex is considered max once or twice in a year and still the man is officially not allowed to have sex with other women though it’s a kind of physical requirement. How many books have been written on domestic violence on men? Very little research on this and surprisingly even lesser see the light of publication!

Then? What is the issue? Both of them are somehow molested, terrified and still the system to move on without any prejudice.

No, here is the conflict. That’s the beauty of the movie ‘Pink’. In a scene Mr. AB said “No Means ‘No’, ‘No’ itself is a complete Sentence.”

As conclusive statement, Pink is not a movie on being strong Womanist. It is actually a fantastic movie where one should know the power of the sentence “No” first and then other things. It is wonderfully said, knowing ‘no” is more necessary than understanding ‘yes’.





ImageWhile going through the news headlines today, I stopped on the International Page where a small news caught my eyes and in between the small time available to go through all the headlines and news too, I finished the whole thing, it’s about Iraq. ISIS has attacked the war-destroyed country a few days before and already took control of a few important cities and places. After winning some cities, they moved forward in search of the sources of earning and there they got Oil Refineries. Mr. President of Iraq again asked for help from their mighty savior US and the representative of un-employment threatened & domestic turmoil country Mr. Barrack Obama immediately accepted the opportunity to make it big for his upcoming election, but that’s different issue.

A few days before Boko Harem in Nigeria Imagekidnapped two hundred and fifty students and converted them to their religion and then threatened to treat them as slave if proper steps to free their leaders were not taken by the government. After a few days, it made the headlines of all the newspapers until swept away by the big news of FIFA World Cup. Now it’s attack on Iraq. After acquiring Ramadi, Tikrit, Suleiman Beg, Kirkut, Tal Afar, they moved their guns towards Baghdad.Image About Baghdad they know two things, one, the Army will not let them conquer the place easily and another and the most importantly, US will interfere directly. That’s why they took a break from the war and kept control of already acquired places. Keeping control means controlling the people under the bayonet, chop the head if they deny or protest and enforce their own rules like wearing head musk must, education for women and ladies, strictly no-no, no working ladies in any part of the country and then the latest those ladies who didn’t marry yet, will have to marry their cadres, and it’s not an option, it’s an order.

Now all the bachelor militants, sometime married militants are knocking each and every door to find out if there is any unmarried lady, if there is, they are offering her parents to accept, if not, they politely make the lady an orphan and then gets married.Image

Now a very few newspapers have made it a headline. Attack on Iraq is more important than these kinds of small critics; actually these are treated as shits in all over the world. After a few days, when a lot ladies will be raped and torn apart under the bayonet, when US will declare their war against so called terrorism, then some self-proclaimed anti rape protestors will be seen with some glittering placards in their hands and posing firmly for the media to stay in tune to ensure their income without getting or doing anything for the actual incident (Known as Mahmudiyah killing)Image. Later on, after numerous investigations and the media leaked information it was found that even inside the jail also, a lot of ladies, including gents were raped, brutally murdered and put into grave without any trace. It was almost same like what Talibans did being militants, the same thing was done by US Army being worlds most trained and effective military forces.

During the 1971 war, BangladeshImage war for independence, almost four lakhs of women were raped to terrorize people both the Hindus and the Muslims, which caused thousands of war babies, abortions, infanticide and even suicide.

In Bosnia, another history of War Rape cases, where almost 30,000 women were raped by Bosnian Serb Forces, who used this rape as systematized instrument of war for physical and moral destruction. Many villages and cities were burnt in to ashes and men were kept separately in some kind of camps where they were forced to work against their will and their wives, daughters were raped in a systematic way.

These are very recent day’s incident of War Rape but the history of it can be found many many years ago. Rajput ladies were raped by Mughals, Chinese were raped by English, many villages, places are still bearing the British blood in India. When US forces attacked Afghanistan, then Afgan people experienced rape from both the parties, Talibans, who kept of raping them for years and hanged them if protested and then the US army.

In each and every case, it is seen that Activists in all over the world get active only after an incident takes place and that also not immediately but after long days. Now none of the activists are raising their voices on what’s happening in Iraq with a face like they don’t have any documentary proof or something like that so that they can start their activities.Image

In between these, in every war, in every way, we the civilized creature on earth will let those sex-mongers cheer in ecstasy day after day, year after year.




ImageA couple of years before, I wrote a blog on a rape case happened in Delhi and then in West Bengal. I felt very bad while writing the blog as it was clearly indicating our path of where we are actually leading. In last couple of months, atleast a dozen of girls were raped in Uttar Pradesh according to police reports and don’t know how much were suppressed under the political influence or just because of social pressure imposed on the victim and her family. In India everything happens in multidimensional way, like even if a baby cries for no actual reason at all, still it can grab a lot public attention, media hype and then political criticism.Image

Almost two centuries, we were under the British Government, they left in the year 1947 and we declared freedom, independence keeping some old practice green forever like when British were in India, they were served with village girls, city girls and sometime girls from Royal Family to satisfy their lust for sex and when they left, some influential person took the charge of it. Politically influential, socially influential, economically influential people started having their daily dosage of sex supplied by their own area of influence. It’s a simple job to do, either bring money to satisfy or get laid and people can’t have any sayings. When Bangladesh fought for their independence, a huge numbers of male population were shot and females were raped. Hindus were raped by Muslims and to take the revenge, Muslims were raped in India. The same thing happened in 1947 also, people fought for their legal rights, democratic rights, and regional rights and sometime for religious cause but kept one thing very common, i.e. whenever they got opportunity, they didn’t leave any women go out of their way keeping their head high but tried to satisfy their lust, show power and raped women.

In the year 1980, when Late Indira Gandhi was our Prime Minister, then one political upheaval stormed our country, i.e. the active participation of second level politicians. Who was known as the security guard or just local goonda among people, thought of tasting the sweet curry of politics by wearing the most deserving Khadi. The game changed from then. Those who were tamed by some cultured, educated people suddenly came in front to enjoy the same whatever they have provided to their political ancestors. For anyone who targets power, make target two community, one those who are actually left out from the mainstream society and then the woman. Draupadi got laid with her five husbands being the great Sati according to Hindu Mythology, then why not all other women in India. Indian father thinks it is more important for their daughter to learn household things than going to school, priorities the knowledge of making home and satisfy husband in every way than getting proper education, we still don’t let our women worship god while having menstruation, there what’s wrong in utilizing them for our own lust. We forcefully kept them in darkness and then what’s wrong in seeing our daughters in darkness, getting forcefully laid by some influential people! What’s wrong in asking for some favor in exchange of a female body? No, we are more interested in feeling sad and then cry after seeing our daughters getting raped. We lodge complain and sometime witness a public outrage, after few days blame it on our fate and let some politicians make stupid dirty comments on the psychology of rape.

Why do people rape, can be subject for those research scholars, hopefully they will find some points on taking the measures of stopping it too.Image

How many of us know the different kinds of rape? Formally there are 10 different types of rape.

  1. Date Rape
  2. Marital Rape
  3. Statutory Rape
  4. Male Rape
  5. Prison Rape
  6. War Rape
  7. Gang Rape
  8. Campus Rape
  9. Corrective Rape
  10. Rape by deception

And unfortunately we Indians are witnessing all the kinds, sometime even one type accompanying other. We have strong legal proceedings for it but we don’t have awareness. Rape is not only having sex with a lady or with some ladies against their will or sometime with her consent by giving some lucrative promises like getting married, giving material gain etc., but it’s a kind of killing a woman’s womanhood by taming her rights to live her own life., it must be considered as killing too. It should not be treated as an imprisonable offence.Image

Rape is the easiest way of satisfying lust along with showcase of power, superiority by sowing the seeds of fear and dominance.

It’s really surprising to see that except involving local administration, Government also washes their hands by just giving one or two mere media statement and let the Rapist roam freely and happily so that they can help during the politicians voting campaign. Like all other crimes, in rape cases too, the moment it will be treated as Crime only without keeping in mind any other issues, then only it will be properly removed from our society.

In recent couple of years study, Uttar Pradesh, a province in India topped in all kind of crimes, violence but still government washed their hands by giving some media statement and issuing some reporting officers. J&K, being the most sensitive state of India, witnessed a sharp rise in the rape incidences in recent days. West Bengal, where earning bread gets more importance than anything else ranked 3 in all India statistics.

According to studies, in India in every 22 minutes, a Woman gets raped and in every 113 minutes a lady gets killed by the rapists, still we remain silent and wait for the prosecutors to wake up and do something revolutionary. In actual, in every 13 minutes, a rape incident occurs in India, that means only merely 30% cases are registered in police station and are available for statistical guys.Image

As per National Crime Records Bureau of India, total 24,923 rape cases were reported in the year 2012, out of which only a mere 14,717 cases were solved and Indian Court also completed the trial process by sentencing 13,294 persons.

Rape was used as a war weapon to drive out hundreds of thousands of Pandits from Jammu & Kashmir. Rape was a political cheer when it was done on thousands of Dalits in Uttarpradesh in the year 2007; rape is done on the base of Family Honor and Sexual purity in West Bengal, Uttarpradesh and Madhyapradesh. Rape is done in every way possible. Even in India, Theft Case, Burglary cases have been overshadowed by the cases of Rape though as I wrote above, only 30% of the cases are registered, seems like it’s a Rape Carnival,Image cannibalism celebrations are being celebrated by all, and we shameless people, write blog, shout on Fifa world cup and live happy letting our girls, daughters, ladies friends being molested, man-handled and raped every day, every second and if chance is given, don’t let any opportunity go to do the same personally too.