stickers-a-styleAaah…finally back on this page, this site. Nope, i didnt find anything to write since i last wrote something and right now also i dont have anything to mention and whats more, i doubt tomorrow i will get something to write too but still thought of playing with Keyboards. SOmetime it helps, when you know you have nothing to do but still you breathe as it happens under automatic process, likewise, when one got nothing to do and really submerged in to a deep hole knowing no way out of the darkness, can let the fingers run ‘automatically’ on the keyboard. i am exactly doing the same, i am not caring about the grammar, dont have anything in mind, oops, i have a lot of things in mind and actually having trouble to channelize it.

Anyway, lets not talk much, sorry write much, only will share a few good thoughts came in my mind,

  1. Need not to do good to anyone, just done do bad to anyone, better you don’t do anything for anyone
  2. Even most precious metals, stones are invisible in darkness, consider yourself to be the valuable one and blame darkness for not being recognized
  3. ‘Fuck’ is more powerful to calm you down than uttering “Om” sometimes, and most of the times you can say it in-front of anyone and that also adds value to your personality
  4. And lastly, if you seriously say, Fuck, ensure even last sec of hardness is not wasted


May come some other time with some better ideas and yes, may be with some good mood to write another trash.




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