We Create Distance…

Posted: December 1, 2014 in life, NaBloPoMo, Personal, Relationships, Social
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We all know about racism, the worldwide blot on our earth, we all are well aware of wars for religions, but still we keep on creating divisions, sub divisions, we keep on creating the same all through our life. Just a few days before while travelling from Karnal, a place in Punjab, India, i was reading newspapers in my mobile and then started surfing various international news as well as national news and something clicked in my mind. Though we keep on saying we hate creating differences but in reality, we love doing so. I have never been to any European country, whatever i know about them, are through news channels, television programmes and obviously through social networking sites. A lady wrote an article on in some top news papers regarding #freethenipple. Whoo, that great to know that in this world some people really think that wearing a bra can’t be done as it looks like they are keeping it jailed or better say preserved for some other people where own goal of living happy is getting disturbed. It’s like, it’s my boobs, so I am the one to decide how to take care of it and you nuts don’t dare to protest on the same. Okies, nice campaign, after a few days, girls will mind wearing panty too coz it actually doesn’t allow wind to keep the place dry and healthy. Hoooppppssss…nice move girls, go on, stay naked, stay clothed, it’s all your wish, but be aware of losing shapes. If you search in internet, you will find many pictures of famous celebrities posing without bra, how much do we care for that without that sudden woomph feeling? I know, its not much. In India most of the Indian ladies cant afford to wear a bra, how much doea that matter? Do people keep on watching their sagging boobs? The answer is no. So what i am trying to say is simple, do whatever you wish, live however you love to live or can afford but stop mere marketing with almost everything. An Indian frustrated writer wrote in an English daily, “boobs in India are kept under bra and then dupatta so that it can serve the three major goals of its live, first please your boyfriend/husband, let your child suck them and finally keep on pleasing your husband with it as long he likes to play with it. Here the writing funda is simply attacking to the male community, creating differences. While we write something or blame someone, we put all together in a same row. While Israel attacked (they say defence) Palestine, none thought how many children died, or women died or men died. We don’t see how much care a husband takes for his wife. When in Uttarpradesh every day, a girl is killed for the sake of some social norms. We immediately find out all the whereabouts of that victim or the murderer, some say religion factor, some people consider it as racial incident and some people name it as lost in love factor but things remain unchanged. Again on news paper you will find another story but fact is same, someone got killed for some forcibly applied reasons.

In India, we have 30% reservation for Schedule casts and Schedule tribes; we have reservations for minority castes. Very recently we have implemented reservations for girls also in school, colleges, and offices. Why is that reservations? The answer is as they are not treated properly, government is ensuring their educational, social and professional growth. It’s like putting the blame on unreserved people for hampering the growth of reserves people. Same like “i don’t like wearing bra coz i think my male partner has forced me to keep it jailed for his own satisfaction/fun. We really cant do anything without any reasons and the mostly the reasons should have to be a kind of putting blame on something or someone.

In India, while paying tax, rich people think it is for the betterment of poor and actually it is. We don’t take actions in developing them except some funny idiotic reservation system and put the blame on rich people for sucking poor people blood in earning money. Then we make it legalised by putting the same pressure on rich people by sucking money from them in terms of taxes. Indian taxpaying population is only 20% and they pay almost 60% of their payment as taxes. If i get something as my legal demand without doing anything, then why shall i think of growing and so we Indian. We keep on increasing the tax burden and let our population grow without any control. Where China can ask for 30% of total medical expenses for poor people, there we think of charitable organizations to treat poor people, feed poor people free of cost, causing poor remains poor in our country and the ever growing tension between rich and poor remains fixed without being fixed at all.

Actually we don’t have standard for anything. While working in a construction site very recently, i came in touch with a few people very closely. As a top manager of that site i tried my best to reach every people out there without leaving any stone unturned and fortunately everyone around there atleast for some time opened up their mind to me. Our client, Government of India officials, who have same designation like me but treated as client kept on blaming us for not pacing up the progress and we immediately passed the same to our sub contractors. One evening, i called that sub-contractor for a drink at my hotel with a desire to listen his sayings too. After a bit hesitation, he said the same as i said to my clients. He smartly put all the blames to the workers at site. He didn’t mind sharing how much he pays them and thinks of them in need and his frustrations about not getting the proper output in time, means proper helping hands. I smiled and understood the root of every problem; we create a situation and keep ready someone or something to put the blame. We have reasons for everything and mostly these are blames, same like, i will not wear bra not because it doesn’t give me proper comfort but because i think it was invented for keeping my so called husband’s assets jailed for preserving to serve him with pleasure. America had to create a tension in Middle East to keep him supremacy in the world, Putin didn’t like it, and he declared war against Ukraine. Now America feels the threat and starts supporting Ukraine showing fake friendship. Somehow, somewhat everyone have to have attention in same manner. Political pleasure or attention seeking disorder calls war and personal attention seeking disorder bring tension. An advertisement in India has a catch line, “why should boys have all the fun?”, pretty well style to grab attention of people and the most important in doing so is to put the blame on someone for no reason at all. To attract girl community, they could have thought for some other catch lines too but obviously it is more catchy when you directly attack someone, and then attract someone else. Without being bad to a person, you cant reach to his enemy and making self created hurdles on our own way gives us the satisfaction of winning a Gold medal in Olympics.

Come on, lets concentrate on creating hurdles and thus creating distances. Who wants to win, being in a game is the most important thing.

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