A Small Conversation With God… :D

Posted: July 3, 2014 in Personal, Social

Price Hike 05– Trust me I voted Modi for a real MODI-fied India
– Ok, understood, but what’s the problem now? You are young, elegant, intelligent and part of the great sophisticated intellectual potential part of Indian. You people wanted MMS to go and NaMo to take charge. What happened now?
– My dear God, I voted for Modi for a better India, but didn’t know he will start modifying the Government sources of fund first, means he will start earning first for his Government and then will think of us, even I am not sure whether really he will think of us someday or not!
– I didn’t get you, what the hell are you talking about?
– Are u nuts? Anyway, sorry for my words. Actually it’s the phrase through which we demean our husband in present days.
– I am least interested of whatever you use to communicate with ur partner, just tell me what’s happening on earth, I mean in India?
– Ok, in a nutshell, Diesel price hike in just one month after he drove into that throne.
– He didn’t drive, you people elected him
– Whatever, don’t interrupt, petrol price hiked.
Price Hike 01
– It was due, who would like to provide subsidized things forever.
– Ok, he increased the price of Gas cylinders too, now don’t say again the same word, ‘subsidized’.
– Ok, but again that’s the real word to describe, but ok, you continue.
– Arey yaar, what to continue, onions is Rs 30/kg, Price Hike 02Potato is also costlier than before
– What’s the price?
– Almost the same as onion
– Ok, but it was the same in MMS’s government also. Even rather I would say, still onion & potato are much cheaper than your body caring cosmetics.
– Don’t tell me about the prices of my body care products, you don’t buy me those. Stick to what I am telling you without diverting the topics, please. Anyway, if everything is same like before, then why the hell on earth, we brought another person to become our PM?
– Anyway, price hike is different part and governance is different. Tell me any other points if you have
– You know you are such an unromantic creepy person, like our math teacher. You want sex but hate foreplay, do you use condom or still rely on contraceptive as long as you don’t need to take tension of taking it daily?
– Do you talk nonsense all the time?
– Leave it for some other time Mr. God. Answer me a single question.
– Last one please
– Everything has become costlier than before, even rail fare also; just tell me when will our salary increase to compensate the Government’s noble mission of stopping subsidized compensation?
Price Hike 06
– You know Pandora’s box?
– Yes, I know.
– What was the last thing came out of that box?
– Hope
(God disappears slowly)


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