Activists get active only after Rape, Its ‘War Rape’ in Iraq now…

Posted: June 23, 2014 in NaBloPoMo, Rape, Social
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ImageWhile going through the news headlines today, I stopped on the International Page where a small news caught my eyes and in between the small time available to go through all the headlines and news too, I finished the whole thing, it’s about Iraq. ISIS has attacked the war-destroyed country a few days before and already took control of a few important cities and places. After winning some cities, they moved forward in search of the sources of earning and there they got Oil Refineries. Mr. President of Iraq again asked for help from their mighty savior US and the representative of un-employment threatened & domestic turmoil country Mr. Barrack Obama immediately accepted the opportunity to make it big for his upcoming election, but that’s different issue.

A few days before Boko Harem in Nigeria Imagekidnapped two hundred and fifty students and converted them to their religion and then threatened to treat them as slave if proper steps to free their leaders were not taken by the government. After a few days, it made the headlines of all the newspapers until swept away by the big news of FIFA World Cup. Now it’s attack on Iraq. After acquiring Ramadi, Tikrit, Suleiman Beg, Kirkut, Tal Afar, they moved their guns towards Baghdad.Image About Baghdad they know two things, one, the Army will not let them conquer the place easily and another and the most importantly, US will interfere directly. That’s why they took a break from the war and kept control of already acquired places. Keeping control means controlling the people under the bayonet, chop the head if they deny or protest and enforce their own rules like wearing head musk must, education for women and ladies, strictly no-no, no working ladies in any part of the country and then the latest those ladies who didn’t marry yet, will have to marry their cadres, and it’s not an option, it’s an order.

Now all the bachelor militants, sometime married militants are knocking each and every door to find out if there is any unmarried lady, if there is, they are offering her parents to accept, if not, they politely make the lady an orphan and then gets married.Image

Now a very few newspapers have made it a headline. Attack on Iraq is more important than these kinds of small critics; actually these are treated as shits in all over the world. After a few days, when a lot ladies will be raped and torn apart under the bayonet, when US will declare their war against so called terrorism, then some self-proclaimed anti rape protestors will be seen with some glittering placards in their hands and posing firmly for the media to stay in tune to ensure their income without getting or doing anything for the actual incident (Known as Mahmudiyah killing)Image. Later on, after numerous investigations and the media leaked information it was found that even inside the jail also, a lot of ladies, including gents were raped, brutally murdered and put into grave without any trace. It was almost same like what Talibans did being militants, the same thing was done by US Army being worlds most trained and effective military forces.

During the 1971 war, BangladeshImage war for independence, almost four lakhs of women were raped to terrorize people both the Hindus and the Muslims, which caused thousands of war babies, abortions, infanticide and even suicide.

In Bosnia, another history of War Rape cases, where almost 30,000 women were raped by Bosnian Serb Forces, who used this rape as systematized instrument of war for physical and moral destruction. Many villages and cities were burnt in to ashes and men were kept separately in some kind of camps where they were forced to work against their will and their wives, daughters were raped in a systematic way.

These are very recent day’s incident of War Rape but the history of it can be found many many years ago. Rajput ladies were raped by Mughals, Chinese were raped by English, many villages, places are still bearing the British blood in India. When US forces attacked Afghanistan, then Afgan people experienced rape from both the parties, Talibans, who kept of raping them for years and hanged them if protested and then the US army.

In each and every case, it is seen that Activists in all over the world get active only after an incident takes place and that also not immediately but after long days. Now none of the activists are raising their voices on what’s happening in Iraq with a face like they don’t have any documentary proof or something like that so that they can start their activities.Image

In between these, in every war, in every way, we the civilized creature on earth will let those sex-mongers cheer in ecstasy day after day, year after year.




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