Facebooking : More Real than actually Real

Posted: May 26, 2014 in NaBloPoMo, Relationships, Social
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ImageI few days before, in the morning after waking up in the morning, I checked time in my mobile and then as regular practice, opened Facebook and found a close friend of mine posted something negative that clearly indicates about with troublesome married life. I ignored the post and moved on, found another post made by another friend about how did they enjoyed dinner last night at some superb place. I again moved on to see what other people have expressed Facebook. Some people posted their own picture, all happy faces, wide smile, and toothpaste advertisement.

Actually if you closely see what’s happening on every social networking sites are very common, either very happy or very sad. Either they talk about something they consider as achievement or they talk about something that has broken their heart or forced to think about anything other than living.

Tarun, a software engineer, one fine morning woke up and found his girlfriend, with whom he even went for a movie in last night, proudly declares him to be a “jerk”, because they had a hard talk on the way back from there. Funny thing was, some people even clicked on the ‘like’ button and some people added comments to below the updates. One of them wrote, ‘all men are like dogs’, someone wrote, ‘go and slap him on his face. He deserves this’. Someone was crueler, she immediately suggested her girlfriend to lodge a complaint to police station. According to latest amendments in the Indian Constitution, a simple usage of abusive can be treated a punishable offence. He got angry, threw his glass of water kept on the bed side table and immediately called her girlfriend to ask, why was she making a scene on social networking sites. They had a lot common friends too and Tarun was more worried about their harmony. She didn’t reply on the first call. Tarun dialed again and that time she received, “good morning, what happened? Why did u call so early in the morning? Is everything ok?” warmth was there in the voice. Tarun was able to reply only three words “go to hell”. They separated and as last comment on that updates thread was, “why don’t you kick that asshole?”

It was not that bad before that post in Facebook went viral among her friends which resulted a hateful separation. Who gained from that incident? Neither Tarun gained, nor his girlfriend but was able to give people scope to discuss about what was supposed to be their personal and private.

Another incident, someone’s wife posted on Facebook with a long paragraph on how wife is to be treated properly at home and how her self-esteem protests against any kind of such mean activities. Incidentally she was married wife of my friend. Twentieth century Indian guy who is married means, even Rajanikanth can’t save his life. Anyway, I called him casually without asking anything about his personal life. Even being a very close friend of mine, he didn’t disclose any of his personal matters. I appreciated the fact. The very next day, my girlfriend, who eventually was a friend of that woman, narrated a short story about how their fight was and what were the issues.

Actually people love to live like a page 3 person with their least capability. That’s why they make stories around them. Really we are now in a true internet age. The Internet has overhauled every aspect of modern life, from business to shopping to personal communication. It’s also completely changed the way people, both young and old, create and dissolve intimate relationships.

When the latter occurs, and personal heartbreak goes public on Facebook, things can turn ugly in a hurry. Private grievances suddenly appear posted to public profiles, mutual online friends are abruptly excommunicated, and virtual salt is rubbed into very real wounds.

Yes, it’s a good platform to communicate with people, grow business, meet new people but one shouldn’t have the entire requirement it can provide.

Though there is no specific guidelines on how to behave on Facebook or how to communicate with friends or how to tackle a break up situation so a feel works like whatever shit I am doing at my wall is completely my wish, who the hell are you to interfere on this, in short, either accept or stay away, fuck off, but don’t we remember that that social networking site is actually a public forum where we don’t have any rights to offend others.

One more thing to add at last, actually it’s some kind of drug, where people die to post better than others, showcase to live better than others. It’s some kind of live game which runs every day, every hour, minute, second…people get addicted and then live for Facebook, not for their own life.Image

I will appreciate if people first think of separation properly and concentrate on executing it than posting for public attention on Facebook. They get public who suggest or misguide or blame, but don’t live your life. Bloody hell, it’s your own life, live it your own.





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