Why are Women acting like Man

Posted: May 7, 2014 in life, NaBloPoMo, Relationships, Social
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Well, probably anyone reading the headline should agree with me or start calling me ‘jerk’ or some ‘asshole’ like the way it has become one of the most common way used for male by their women. According to women, most of the guys are ‘pervert’, ‘jerk’ and most of the times ‘ass hole’. Family values have become very fragile now days and thus the numbers of divorce cases have been increased extensively. People are more in to living free than being in bondage of so many social issues, family drama etc. overall economic problem also responsible for such things. Where people don’t have any monetary stability, there people actually dare to think of getting married and increase social bindings. Thus, a ‘home’ we used to see in our childhood days are going to be some ‘ideology of old days’ very soon and the more we are in to this forgetting stage, the more we are making our generation clueless of how to live good, stay healthy and think positively. These insecurities lead us to change the definition of liberty, happiness. We are in to more materialistic things to be happy than being spiritually happy. We can take example of anything for this this.Image

There was a time when people used to go religious places in their holidays, now new generation rarely go there. According to them, money can buy anything and money doesn’t mean only mere salary business. It means you can take legal loan from your bank through credit cards or by directly applying to them mentioning your purpose. People plan for abroad trip for holidays than making a list of good travel destinations in their own country. We talk like we are the king of the world even if we don’t have any money. Physical, mental stability has gone somewhere and we are in to more show of business than gaining something with hard work. Men were the initial victim and thus they have suffered almost three decades to regain their own position.

Amitabh Bachchan, Dilip Kumar and then Hollywood movies brought the change in them. Besides scope of higher studies increased almost at the same time, result stupid copy of Bollywood Heroes and then some good qualifications helped them to earn bread happily but when the scope of sitting on top post got saturated, people inclined more on the copy of western culture than being Indian.

Now its time for girls. You are sitting in one of your favorite late night hangouts when a sound that resembles something close to a pack of hyenas in heat pierces your eardrums. It is a group of 5-10 girls, most likely in their 20’s, shrieking in unison as they celebrate another Vegas Bomb. Nails of a sloth across a chalk board would be more inviting than this horrific mating call. Listening to them you would think that a naval vessel just docked in the harbor. They are loud, obnoxious and their conversations laden with profanity and vulgarity. Everything is hyper-sexualized. Either talking about their latest boyfriends who slept with her for the first and last time before disappearing in the crowd like a coward or about someone who actually had more capability to get someone better than that ‘bitch’ whom they know for long (means he should have got the lady who is making the comment, actually out of jealousy) and thus they name it to be only for having a physically close fun night.Image

Meet the modern Indian ‘young lady’. The one who apparently thinks she is man. How this happened, or why it happened is a source of debate. I’m not implying that young men and women can’t party and behave reckless or risqué—it’s fairly standard and reasonable for young people to do so. However, until recently the majority of these young women would still at least attempt a feminine front, even if deep down they were trashy. It used to be deemed shameful to behave in such a manner, especially in public. Openly trashy behavior is now not only tolerated, but encouraged by young men and women alike.Cosmopolitan readers should know Men generally do not mind a woman who can be ‘one of the guys’, but not at the cost of her femininity. It is a complete turnoff to hear a women swear excessively, drink beers from a can, smoke cigarettes and be openly vulgar, violent or over sexual.Women should act feminine, not masculine. Straight men are not interested in dating or having sex with other men. We like women because they are just that, women. Women should be fairly soft spoken, polite, and carry themselves with at least a certain degree of modesty and mystery.  Dare I call it class?

The language coming out of girls mouths now day is deplorable. To hear a women drop two or three ‘F bombs’ in a single sentence is not uncommon. Listening to them verbally shred other women in the ultimate act of hypocrisy is not only disgusting, but a huge turnoff. Not to mention the ultra-aggressive types that want to verbally or even physically scrap with other women in their vicinity. And of course there is open discussion about their sexual encounters and conquests.

May be I am sounding orthodox or some womanists or pseudo-intellectuals will come to start arguing on whatever I have written above but it’s a fact, I have mentioned in my early blogs also, we all need a space first, a space to share, a space to love and a space to live together with proper respect, care for each other. It’s ‘cool’ to have a cool girl in group but tough to live life. If there is no value in a relationship, then there is no bondage in it. For a girl, their Dad is their first super-hero and no girl on the earth will deny that. If that can be true, then we guys brought up seeing one woman infront of us most of the time, she is our mom. Friend can be anyone, partner can also vary, but basic things can’t be compromised. If living together doesn’t include love, then my dear all Indian women, you need not to change at all but if you need to make it lovingly, then you must have to be passionate about everything.

A few days before, while coming to my office, I was with one my colleague and he showed me a lady, who was wearing a micro mini-skirt and everything revealing top. She was holding a cigarette in her hand and a glossy bag in other hand. I took a minute to check all the details of her. Her knee-long far boot was red and from distant also, everyone can make out how much thickness of make-ups being used. I do agree, it was her choice of dressing and she had full rights of it and who am I to comment on that? Neither I bought her the dresses, nor am I an anti-woman bustard. I should have kept my eyes off her if I had so many problems. Yes, I hope, I hope, in the same way we shouldn’t start ignoring girls, women. That day, living & loving on this beautiful earth will not be a good idea.

Everyone has their own rights to live happily but there should be some distinct difference between living being a man and a woman. Living healthy and being happy doesn’t cost money. On one hand we are blaming man for smoking, roaming topless even in open area and on the other hand our women are doing the same. On one hand we are blaming their smoking habit and on the other hand women are smoking to look a bit modern. I can’t remember last when I saw a women with good waist. They are more interested in having huge ass.

People often blame ‘sexual liberation’ for it but this really more of a semantic tank than a true scientific explanation. Now seven in four women dress like men, three in ten smokes and one of them even more than any average male smoker, one out of ten take drugs.

It may be our men’s fault that they have forced them to act like that to remain safe in the society. May be sociologists will find a lot other god damn reasons but somehow it has already been and very soon more, it is going to be the biggest social issue. To become man, women are behaving ruthlessly in professional fields, in domestic environments and sometime in their own society too.

I feel, now women have decided to believe in one point, i.e. it’s impossible to ‘have it all’ by combining a happy home life with a fulfilling career, and too some extend none can ignore the fact too.Image

Now the topic of acceptance is coming. Again I will talk about some economical problem. Now a days women are getting much more education than ever before. They have been given reservations in every field of their living, may it be a railway reservation or getting admission in a college. We, men are not seeing any insecurity for their outperforming growth but somehow a feeling come in every women’s mind whenever they receive a criticism from a man, i.e. I am actually doing better than him and that’s making him jealous. It is now a common and dangerous fact that, they have started acting like a man even in relationships too.

Where are those ladies once men used ‘heartthrob’ for them? Now women are slowly becoming men and men are remaining as men.

It was never a man’s intention to tame them. It’s just a matter of fact that, men have been ruling for long and women acted as a backbone to them. Now if we find them asking for the throne, then who knows it will not be a battle and in battle it’s all about fighting between two opponent sides.

It’s going to be tough time very soon.

We all are going to be only ‘material’ very soon.




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