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Posted: May 3, 2014 in NaBloPoMo, Sagittarius, Sun SIgn
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ImageIt’s always easy to write about your sun sign as actually what is needed to do is check some online sites and then make a summary of their sayings but I found it a bit cliché as people already know a lot about their sun sign. I don’t think there is much scope in that. Another thing is that, I am not a master of sun sign, whatever I know, I know only by reading various books and by checking online sites. So instead of writing about my sun sign, let’s make it a little different by telling about the people around me who comes under the same sign, and then about some famous personalities all around the world to see if there is any coon stories to tell.

ImageMy cousin sister: she is much junior to me. Actually I am more like an uncle than brother to her. She is a day dreamer, less attentive in studies, straight forward, likes to chat, loves her family more than anything and gives the most priority to those who gives her importance, not who loves her most. Have a habit of liking someone who may not be in a main role in a film, like she can give Rose’s fiancée more marks than even Jack in the movie Titanic. To her, role is important, job is important, not the role player. She likes Suresh Raina even then, when Kohli is sucking all the lime lights. She is very energetic in nature but very introvert. She can be a very good friend but will never start a conversation with someone unknown, even if that cost her life. She can sing good, dance well but not comfortable in any public appearance, likes to watch serious movies than popular one. She enjoys eating but can’t eat a lot, that’s why she is very thin too. Actually she doesn’t feel hungry most of the times in a day. She likes to wear light colored dress and mostly cotton & ethnic dresses. She has sharp nose.

Mousumi Di: she was very close friend of mine in my higher secondary days. She was six year senior to me and I used to treat her as elder sister cum friend. She was very close to me, even guiding me about my decision on joining a job or switching it. Actually she was born on the very first day of being sagi. That’s why some characteristics of Scorpio were present in her character. She was very pretty looking, having good figure, considerably plump, though comparatively small but very bright eyes. She likes wearing light colored dress, mostly ethnic and cotton. She can’t sing a little bit but can draw very well. She is a mid-species between extrovert and introvert. I found her more comfortable with male friends than female. I found her more motherly in behavior than behaving like a sister or friend and no need to mention, very much loyal and trustworthy in nature. She has blunt nose.

Lipi Mukherjee: she is a proud owner of very pretty and fair body & face, bright eyes and very good toned figure. I found her very jovial, outspoken and extrovert too but very much dedicated to her family and husband. She was the only lady who had steady boyfriend from day one of her college days; they got married and still staying happily. She likes to wear dark colored dress, very much fashion conscious but more comfortable in Indian dresses, not a gadget freak but knowledgeable. Lipi is very much more social animal unlike above mentioned two. Some very common things found in most of the sagi people are common in her too like loyal, energetic, intellectual and straightforward. She has sharp nose.

Sagarika Sur: Loyal, energetic, egoistic, introvert, sings good, paints well & good looking, fair. Blunt nose

Uncle: very less energy level, doesn’t look good but very much open minded and loyal. Can keep all the wealth of any bank without any tension of losing it. very much dedicated to his family and specially to wife. He has sharp nose.Image

Abhijit: very good friend of mine. He is someone who can drink well, dance well, sing well, mimic well and work very seriously. I have personally seen him denying accepting bribe or stood on his own point when a critical time came in between his job and a simple lie. He didn’t lie and lost his job, but he was intelligent enough to manage another within just one week. He got a well-built body structure, fair in complexion and yes, sharp nose. He is very athletic and energetic, very jovial in nature but only after someone else break the ice of initial conversation. Sharp nose.

Now what I am, according to me:

Look: Fair, average looking, short height, spectacle, bright eyes

General: introvert in known place and extrovert in unknown place.

Don’t take time to communicate if get even a tiny match in wave length.

Very much womanist

Dream of being a writer, good writer, a famous one but not common face of page 3.

Give most importance to family and don’t like a little bit disturbances in it. Even if there is an earthquake, can’t bother to have a little problem in between the family.

Take responsibility for whatever I doImage

Never stole anything, very much against stealing.

Love to watch sports, interested in playing too.

Fast learner, slow reader, mediocre writer

Get confused very often but never ready to adjust with something wrong

Keep anger for very longtime and may be not always but sometime dream of taking revenge

Very much dress conscious but not very modern, a little orthodox and old fashioned while dressing for self but keep myself updated with latest news

Love soothing music,

Very poor in maintaining balance sheet, May that is in case of money, may be relationship

Forgive too fast, keep grudge too long

Professionally serious, personally liberal

Jovial in known group but very much boring in less known place

Don’t mind in small things and don’t attack first but defends very well

Very much egoistic

Very good at politics but not the filthy one

Autistic, never prayed for anything, and so don’t put blame on god

Believed to have a good leadership quality

Now a small list of famous Sagittarian

Miley Cyrus

Taylor Swift

Britney Spears

Christina Aguilera

Brad Pitt

Bruce Lee

Ian Somerhalder

Tyra Banks

John Milton


Mark Twain

Arundhati Ray

John Kennedy Jr.

Dilip Kumar

Joseph Stalin

Kim Dae Jong

Present Pope: Pope Francis

Winston Churchill

Walt Disney

Steven Spielberg 

Trying to find out something common in between them and me,Image

Sagittarian people are mostly in to

Creative things like




Film direction


They are in born leader with greatest leadership quality for being


Ruling country


And another common thing I found in every sagi people I have met yet, they all are like a flying bird; you can’t put them in cage. They have their own cage to feel comfortable, but that cage must have to be made by them, none can control them.

ImageLove sagi people, I am not sure whether they are the best, but surely they are the most honest and successful. You will never find them manipulating but surely see them reaching the top by their own caliber. They love to live life on the edges with a spiritual satisfaction all the time. they have more depth in thinking than showing it off. They are even better than what we know them as the best. You can bet on them, they may lose, but will never cheat you.

I also hope to put my name in the list above one day.

Till then, enjoy being with me.


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