Stop Spreading Your Legs : — Discussion From India

Posted: April 29, 2014 in Don't Occupy my space, NaBloPoMo
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A latest update in the Feminism Imagedevelopment worldwide and in Turkey is ‘Stop spreading your legs’. Actually this is a protest against the ever nourishing habit of male to dominate female in every way, may it be at home or may it be in bus, train. According to them, male community considers themselves superior than female. According to them, it’s not that they got a huge penis or balls so that they need space to keep that but it’s the mentality of disturbing female in every way possible.Image Funny side of this kind of post is that people eat such kind of junk so easily so that it got populated very easily. All the social networking sites flooded with updates from and the stories of how they were man-handled or misbehaved by male. After the Nirbhaya Incident took place in New Delhi, India, from then onwards every Newspaper started giving rape as one of the important happening topics to be published and as a result, what happened? Neither rape case came under control, nor people started respecting women in a day. Actually I am not sure whether I should tell it or not but I feel, they are making fun of themselves. One can’t reach on top just by having some external support or fan-followers. To reach on top, you need to have some qualities at first and if you are sure that already you have those, then please use that. Why do you need to blame someone or drag someone down to reach your place or get your position? Hope I am not confusing. Now a day we are depending more on social networking sites than confessing directly. The lady in the picture should have protested then and there to get her proper place for sitting instead of putting it on twitter, making it a colorful issue and then asking for rights.Image We poor Indians, consisting of a few Pseudo-Intellectuals also started crying the same asking for equal rights for both men and women. Now let’s get into the current situations of India. Here in every way, there are 33% seats are reserved for Women and the rest 66% is for general. Means, if number of ladies is more than 33%, then they can take admission in the general quota also. Education, Offices (private or government) are bound to follow this rule. Now come about the transport system in India. Buses keep almost 40% seats reserved for ladies and the rest for general, means even an aged man cant seat in the ladies seat if any ladies is waiting for it but in general seats anyone, may the person be ladies or gents, can occupy it happily. Discount has been given on the railway tickets, be it in local train or in distant train. Maternity leaves are there but no paternity leaves as they don’t have to bear the weight of baby or take the pain of bringing him up. None cared about the struggle a man faces during that period. So what happened? Men started thinking that already women are being taken care by the government, the why to provide special privilege everywhere? Actually women are losing respect in the eyes of men and where there is no respect, there is no care and where there is no care, and there is no co-existence. Someone said very well, Heart and Brain, both are the most important organs of a human body. Problem arises when brain claims to act as heart or vice versa. If there is a problem, then why don’t brain talk to heart or whatever for once to bring a solution and close the chapter! No, in that way superiority complex will be hurt. If there is a small mistake done by a man at home it’s a social issue and even a major issue becomes minor or could be avoided in case if it happens with men because they are the main brain of a family and the society whereas women are considered to the backbone of these. Cerebrospinal fluid is in total confusion, whom to follow, the person who gives instruction or the person, who manages it. I fully agree with the campaign against the dominant mentality of male but we need to understand that if those who are behind it, really respect women, then they should start respecting their existence at first. Start carrying a dignity while meeting a gentleman and become a bitch while facing a dog. Why to take help from outside like social networking sites or something like that. Don’t you think by making it a social issue, actually women are defaming themselves. Its like crying in distress. Become bold my dear twenty-first century ladies, not only with your clothes, but with your mentality and attitude. Stop spreading legs, my good wishes for your campaign but you better solve it with care, not by declaring a fight. And if women want to make it a fight, then I feel, another century to wait.Image


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