Cosmopolitan : Pls. stop reaping the seeds of disbelief

Posted: April 28, 2014 in life, Relationships, Social
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Cosmo 02Today someone forwarded me a link from the famous cosmopolitan Magazine regarding 26 signs of Man to know whether he is cheating on his woman.
I don’t know why do these magazines try to expand their helping hands on such sensitive issues that actually doesn’t help a person but confuses everyone and reaps the seeds of disbelief, hatred, doubts in even in those who are happy and can’t even think of cheating on each other.
What does it mean by cheating? The writer even explained that in the bottom stating, “Cheating isn’t always flirting, touching & kissing. If you’re having text or chat conversations you wouldn’t want your partner to see because they’d misunderstand, you are cheating”. After reading this sentence, atleast a person like me will prefer to cheat than putting relationship in to more trouble. Cosmopolitan guided a woman to become a Sherlock Holmes to find out a single point out of the 26 points mentioned there to rely the fact that her partner is cheating on her. Some crazy points indeed, like if ‘he takes his phone even in the bathroom’ or ‘keep it in airplane mode’, it must be understood that he is cheating on her. I, myself carry my phone to the bathroom; check Facebook messages, Tweets while releasing loads. Sometime, when constant message bugs me, I keep my phone on silent mode to avoid the disturbance too but that doesn’t mean I am cheating on my wife. cosmo 01
How funny to know that the writer even pointed out about the ‘dying of phone battery too often’. I guess the writer might be carrying an inverter always with her or else she is not habituated using 3G or WiFi. All new model phones have the same problem, i.e. battery doesn’t give back up for more than 12-14hours a day. Battery drainage can’t be used as a support of cheating. Without even talking with any girlfriend also, mobile can be used for talking to a lot people every day. In that way, I guess, those who are sales boy, are always a cheater. His delay in initiating sex is also a point to be counted. Now girls please count seconds before he initiates sex than enjoying the foreplay. Remember, in all over the world, the tendency is becoming higher that people are getting too much tired due to workload at office and due to environmental disaster, so that they take time to initiate a sex even on holidays, and its so vaguely written. There is no measuring unit to measure the ‘delay’ and there is one find the reason except putting the blame on cheating.
If he follows some half naked man in social networking sites, there is a problem, if he doesn’t follow; he is becoming robot than being a human being. If he reads sexy magazine, he is a cheat but if he reads a Cosmopolitan Column, he is doing the right thing.
All these bullshit magazines are also responsible for more divorce cases than marriages. They are actually encouraging people to lose faith than believing them.
Sometime I feel more knowledge is much more dangerous than illiteracy. Stupid friend is better than intelligent foe. In the junk of theories of love, actually we are about to forget three pillars of love, i.e.

But we are more into finding reasons and loop-holes of it. we are more in to finding a reason of break-up and then avoid it than concentrating on strength of a relationship.
I am very much disturbed and disappointed after reading such poor article that has nothing to do but disturb the foundations of any relationship.
28.04.2014Cosmo 03

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