Blame game….Shame!!! # 02

Posted: April 27, 2014 in life, NaBloPoMo, Social
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blame 03We are such a coward generation, who even blame our parents for giving us birth. We ignore the fact that due to their pleasure only I have been able to see the light of the civilization and obviously the Earth. We blame our better half for every petty reason and claim to remain dirt-free.blame 03
We blame US for attacking on Iraq or Afghanistan and we blame Pakistan for continuing to support the terrorists. We blame Srilanka for their hate against the Tamil community and blame casteism for dividing our country India. We blame current Prime minister or whoever for any fault. We blame wife for any domestic occurrence and vice versa. We are so desperate to find reasons for anything to everything.
Actually we all are with criminal minds and thus we try to find out other’s reasons to blame. We check on other’s computer in their absence, we check on other’s personal belongings to find a reason to blame, we do everything possible to ‘SHIELD’ ourselves, even if it costs our time energy money or life, we don’t care at all. blame 02For us life is too cheap to spare but keeping our heads up is more important and keeping that head up is valid until we die. We don’t believe in life after death. We don’t believe in being famous in good way after dying, we don’t believe to remain as example of good things throughout the civilization. As a result, we all suffer but strange to say, we don’t care at all.
We don’t mind taking out anger on anything, we don’t mind blaming our bosses for not giving proper promotion or increment but we don’t try or learn something to serve better to achieve. We have stopped living, earning and enjoying but we have learnt to get for whatever may be the reason. Jeorge W. Bush threatens the Iraq & Iran, Israel threatens Palestine, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, one fine morning finds reasons to capture Crimia as his goal and they do it. We find to paint our boundary wall with some odd pictures or make our social networking sites interesting by blaming some close one and enjoy receiving ‘n’ numbers of posts over night.
Whatever may be the god-damn reason behind this habit of we people but one thing is common, it is to hide our own fault. When I search in someone else’s personal belongings with an intention to find something, I am actually trying to hide myself from something. That ‘something’ may be some kind of forthcoming attack or may be getting a point to blackmail on some issues, even that issue may be to get more attention than whatever I deserve at all. We often blame people for not talking properly or not knowing proper etiquette to talk but do we know actually what’s the etiquette?
A few days before, when the MH 370, the Malaysian Airlines got missing, initially after that, all the countries started their search process but unfortunately didn’t get any clue of actually what happened. They used all of their advanced technologies to find that out but all went in vain almost. The initial reaction was to put the blame on the pilot and then slowly people started blaming the Malaysia country. Then they started attacking on other countries for not expanding or helping during the search process but none of the countries stated or accepted about their own limitations.
That’s how we live, that’s how we feel happy and maybe that’s how we feel our desire fulfilled but we don’t count the distance we create by our extensive work out on the process of finding a point to put the ‘BLAME’ on others.

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