Encourage or Stay Away

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Inspiration, NaBloPoMo, Relationships
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ImageSachin Tendulkar, the Cricket legend was not made in a day. Someone or a lot people kept on encouraging him continuously and thus he was made. Lance Amstrong, the legend cyclist didn’t come from the heaven who actually defeated cancer and then again participated in the world’s most dangerous bi-cycle rally. Oscar Pistorious, without even having any of his legs, took part in Olympics. They were not sent by some ‘god’ named object who sits in the heaven to help us in each and every possible way.Image

Little kid can’t stand on his own feet. His parents encourage him to stand. When he break a glass, parents don’t stop encourage him from running here and there but says about the importance of the glass and the problems in breaking a glass can arise, thus a kid learns to grow up to become a good man in future.

I don’t believe Rabindranath Tagore was built in a day. His father, constantly encouraged him during his priming stage, and then he arranged his own encouragement to write more.

A few days before, one of my friends drew a picture and posted it on Facebook. Though the picture was not so good and full of mistakes, but still a lot people liked it and wrote nice comments on it. I thought of myself, while other people were appreciating the painting, then who the hell I was to hesitate to click on a ‘like’ button for heaven’s sake?

Once I wrote a poem and someone very close to me, commented that those were stolen from some other poet and not of any standard, I know how much hurt I was then but later on understood, I know people who whole-heartedly like to read my poems, can’t be wrong, may be it was due to difference in outlook. A simple encouragement can do wonder.

One of my close friends said once, “How does it matter if you write something wrong? Atleast you scribble, develop ideas, insist keeping data, most of the people spend time in criticizing others than doing it himself.” I liked his saying.

ImageYes, I do have ideas, in fact, we all human beings are full of ideas and that’s why we are so much energetic. Either we spend time in developing something or destroy it and who doesn’t know developing good things are better than make plan to destroy it.

But yes, talking about limitations can’t be considered as criticism. It’s some kind of positive discussion. E.g., the paint my friend has drawn, I can simply tell him, ‘it’s awesome my dear, please draw me one but in that if possible use the lighter shade of blue.’ How much does it cost to encourage others with some good words only if I am not afraid of his growth, may be the correct word is jealous?

Like me, I know I make a lot mistakes in formation of a sentence, sometime I start writing something and then changes the direction of it resulting finishing on some totally different topic. Sometime I write out of frustration and sometime with passions. Reasons are not excuses but limitations, which I can try but can’t promise to overcome; even I may not want to overcome also.

My brother, I always insisted him to be busy with something constructive. He was not good in studies but I kept on encouraging him to do different activities he could enjoy to bring him back in right track. I insisted him to play more and shorten the time for studies so that he gets interest in studies than thinking it a burden on him. He is now an Engineer and doing well. My wife, who is an English scholar, used to write blogs and started to write some stories but finished all in midway. I insisted her to write more, I praised her writing skills and now she has become a very good blogger. Her initiatives and stretching out arms in handling other things too, made her painter, chef and even an interior designer.Image

Nope, I didn’t do anything, nor someone did something for me. Neither anyone can snatch pen from me nor will I ever snatch someone’s pen. Goal should be to achieve more by doing more; not by dragging someone down to portrait ourselves better. We all have our own potential, just we all need is Encouragement, Inspiration.

Or else






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