ImageThe most expensive Cricket Show on the earth has started in India, though the venue is Saudi Arabia, still it’s very much Indian and will remain Indian only. When Late Kerry Packer bought the colorful dresses in cricket, everyone criticized him but now he is remembered as one of the greatest visionary billionaire who actually changed the traditional theory basket, made it global, brought money and drew more fans to this game. The same here in India was Mr. Lalit Modi, who is now banished from the board due to allegedly running a betting syndicate and dishonoring the loyalty towards the spectators but whether he is actually the person to be accused or not, may be future will say but all the cricket fans, followers will have to thank him for his such wonderful innovative idea. May be the idea was of someone else but actually it was him, who atleast started executing it.

It’s a 20 over each inning cricket show where some Indian club take part with cricketers from all over the world, though mostly are Indian. They play among themselves in a lot group league matches to reach the semifinal of the game format. From semifinal, the knock-out system starts. Two team reaches final and then the better playing team on that special day, takes the trophy and a huge prize money. In the very first version of it, Rajasthan Royal won the tournament under the captaincy of Shane Warne, then the second edition went to Deccan Chargers from then Chennai Super kings won the trophy twice and then Kolkata Knight Riders won the fifth edition of the tournament. In the fifth edition, the winner title went to most deserving Mumbai Indians.

Being a Kolkattan, I have been always in support of KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders) from day one. Saurav Ganguly was the first captain of the team and he was one of the iconic players of all the teams. Under his strict captaincy, KKR started playing well but lost the momentum after a very few matches whereas RR (Rajasthan Royals) came out from the last to win the championship title at the end. The team of KKR was full of good pinch hitters and as well as ferocious fast bowlers. The reason behind supporting this team was not only because the club belongs from Kolkata, but due to some other reasons too. Bollywood heartthrob and superstar Mr. Shahrukh Khan brought the team and choose Saurav Ganguly, one of the best captains of India and one of the best left handed batsmen of all time to lead the team. There was no reason at all to divert the mind from supporting such galactic team but alas, we didn’t play well in the first season. In the next season, we dropped Ganguly as the only captain and tried the theory of having two captains in a single team but this idea also didn’t work and lead us to finish even worse than the first season. Third season, we didn’t repeat the mistake of keeping two captains in a single team and decided to keep Ganguly as captain but a person who won a lot tournaments in all over the world, failed miserably in this shortest format of cricket. We didn’t even reach the knockout stage in any of the seasons. It was a tough time for the supporters of KKR. Some of us started supporting other teams and in between these phase, the greatest captain of India, Mr. Dhoni who already lifted the cup once after giving India the taste of first T20 world cup, grabbed all the attention by guiding CSK to win yet another IPL in the year 2011. It accelerated the setting of Mr. Ganguly. The next year, Mr. Khan and his management denied to include the Bengal tiger in the team and thus the team got his first denial from the city of football, and from the city where the tiger of cricket born. Suddenly all the supporter became divided. Almost half of the supporter of KKR became the supporter of Pune Warriors as Dada, the great Saurav Ganguly started playing with PW. Gautam Gambhir became the newest captain of KKR and they brought some other distinct changes too. That year they tried to make a balanced team of old horses and new horses but again the result was same. KKR started well, remained top in the table for a few weeks and then topped from third or fourth from bottom at the time of ending the tournament.

It was a bad time for the owner of the team, players of it and obviously for the supporters of it, but the owner didn’t lose the hope and kept almost the same team in its fifth edition keeping Gautam GambhirImage as the skipper and finished the tournament by winning the precious trophy making all the supporters jump on their feet. The owner of KKR, Mr. Shahrukh jumped from the podium to the ground to ensure he was not dreaming but actually his team mates have won the trophy for him.

Team India’s 1st T-20 Word Cup and the KKR’s IPL win were almost same for Kolkattan. Almost all the supporters danced in the road, updated numerous statuses in Facebook, and flooded Twitter with tweets. Yes, I danced all through the night (another reason for dancing was, I won a five thousand buck betting with my cousin brother), drank with my friends and enjoyed the whole night.Image

The next year, i.e. in the sixth edition of the game, defending champion KKR started with a loss and from then again the repetition of first four seasons. We ended at sixth.

Again this year the game is on and KKR already won their very first match dominantly against a super power and this year’s defending champion MI (Mumbai Indian). Captain is again Goti (Gautam Gambhir. But this year, the team again lost some of their supporters as again we have left some Bengal players to bring some other state’s players. We left LRS (LaxmiRatan Shukla – The Captain of Bengal Ranji Team), Manoj Tiwari and Mohd. Shami). Though being a team of Bengal, still there is only one player from the state has made the people from ‘The City of Joy’ sad and disappointed, but still my love, support will be for KKR.

Come on Team KKR, come on Goti & Company, lift the trophy of pride once again.




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