Two Finger Style of Living Happy

Posted: April 18, 2014 in life, Relationships
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ImageMr. A fell in love with Ms. X, then Mr. B claimed Ms. X to be his girlfriend, and in between all these confusion, suddenly Ms. Y appears and asks Mr. A to be his boyfriend but Ms. X was already in love with Mr. B but found Mr. A to be more rich and powerful and so she was in dilemma about what to choose. They kept on thinking of it time and again, everyone fall in love with everyone but besides they became enemy to each other. There was a hateful environment. None trusted anyone. They used to meet in the evening every day and then spend good three hours and leave home with a confused mind and unhappy soul. One fine morning, while all of them were on their way to college (as they used to go altogether so that none gets more time than others with each other), saw Mr. Z was going in his bike and Ms. C, the best looking lady of the college was sitting behind. They let a big sigh come out of their heart. While they were fighting among themselves maintaining the management rule, i.e. try to manage politely than fight, then one of their friends actually played the game and won the medal.Image

Actually we spend too much time in adjusting with a situation and then by blaming someone for my own condition. When river flows properly, none sees the potential of it unless we put a dam to stop its flow. When we put a dam, then it shows its actual potential by showing its catchment area. The total area, to which it was doing something good but none noticed as its flow was not properly used. Immediately after putting the dam, it tries its best to come out of that bondage and live a life free like before. It tries to get a little hole through which it can again start flowing with an intention to make it bigger but fails in most of the cases. Like river, we also spend our whole life to find out the hole in dam, to live our own desired life, but again same like river, we even die during the process of search but couldn’t find it. As we keep ourselves busier in finding the hole rather than doing something good, to which I am directed, one fine morning we understand, we have stopped living and then we start blaming those who put that dam shaped barrier to bring our life in proper shape. We don’t see what good we can do, but always repent for not having the proper scope to flourish ourselves. We blame rain for pouring in wrong time, we blame sunlight for its heat, and we blame winter for making us chilled. We blame our parents for not guiding us properly in our childhood and we blame them for interfering too much in to my personal life. We blame our company for putting us so much pressure and we blame our college for their improper education system. We blame the politician for being corrupt and we blame the democratic system of casting vote. We blame for almost everything without seeing what I have done for the society, family or atleast for myself. We blame others for own sorrowImage

Here is my Two Finger style of living comes.

  1. Let’s stop taking things personally. Actually it doesn’t come in a day. It’s our in-born habit of taking everything & everyone personally. We believe our mother did a great job by giving us birth. Then we feel teachers are teaching us to make a good human being, then girl friends are taking my care means she is doing a noble job by loving me and then we start feeling grateful to each of them.

Then what happens, if someone says anything bad about something that can be related to my mother, I will start taking offence, if someone makes fun of my education and I know personally that guy is having problem with my teacher, I will not even spare a single second in calculating the whole thing and relate both the issues. We take almost everything personally. The moment we get our salary we start thinking of what good or bad can be done with that money. The moment we see a hot girl or cool dude, the moment we start thinking of making a relationship with him/her.

So, now onwards, let’s start giving ‘thumbs up’ to whatever we like and let’s not feel bad to show ‘middle finger’ to whatever we don’t like.

  1. Most of the management magazines and ‘live well’ magazines suggest using ‘we’ more than the word ‘I’ but according to my two finger theory, using ‘I’ more than ‘we’. ‘I’ means I am taking the responsibility of whatever I am doing or saying. If you don’t like, have guts to paint your fingers on my cheek. The more we will start using the word ‘I’, the more we will start for living ourselves and stop thinking of others problem. Actually we don’t see other’s problem when it comes to my benefit. Then why to make a shield to defend myself in trouble by using plural form?

If someone doesn’t agree with u, show your middle finger and keep doing whatever you were doing but don’t forget to show your ‘thumbs up’ sign when someone is appreciating your initiatives.

  1. When everything goes again you, when you feel like someone tied your neck with a rope and is trying to kill you and thus you are feeling suffocated, take out your middle finger and show the problem (not to the person) a middle finger and then start using all the fingers to fight back.

We have already made our life a lot more complex than we can deal with. After making it complex, we start depending on various wise persons like spiritual guru, motivational guru, thousands of therapies whereas we can start it from day one. Who cares to live a life like king and actually how many of us will become king? No need to work for becoming a king and there we start depending on life destroying substances like smoking, drinking, doping etc. the moment we start taking help of all these thinks, whatever it is, may be in some spiritual way or may be by taking the help of some nerve stimulating or controlling thing actually we start depending on something, that has nothing to do with our life. Slowly, very slowly we stop living the present life and start living another life. At initial phase, everything seems ok but anything after a few days makes you bore. It’s like every hot girlfriend seems same after a few days or may be after a few months. There is no proper definition of happiness. Happiness is what makes you happy.

I still remember once my brother asked me about appearing for an interview. He asked for some tips from me as I am a five year senior than him in the same field. I gave him a very simple suggestion, i.e. both of you, you and the interviewer have only two options, either select or reject. If they selects you and you find their offer ok, then ‘thumbs up’ or ‘fuck off’. Too easy to face any kind of trouble in life.Image

Yes, am I the right person or have I done everything right in my life so that writing here or opened my secret chambers of knowledge? Nope, blogging is about writing a day journal, keeping some memoirs too. Somehow writing may help me to get a right direction in trouble. May be I am also lacking the same attitude whatever I have mentioned here but hopefully when reacting to a situation or any tough situation, I will remember whatever I have written in my blog. May be it will help me to get out of trouble then.

Thanks all for reading.





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