Androgyny : when will our society grow up ???

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Community
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ImageA few days before, Amir Khan, a renowned film artist in India attended a press meets wearing a skirt and a shirt. The incident was such big hit so that the very next day almost all the dailies made it a headline.Image Yesterday, the honorable Supreme Court has given the verdict to consider Transgender as backward class and instructed the government to include ‘transgender’ in place of ‘others’ in every document. It was a long pending issue and one of the most neglected issues. Actually we general people get confused with the idea of being ‘transgender’. We see ‘hijra’, asking for money after a baby takes birth, sometime in train or in bus, may be some time when our car stops at signal, they come most of the time wearing a dress of lady and then with a sharp sound of hand claps make their existence prominent and ask for money. It is believed in India that giving money is good for our future or atleast for our siblings. We, the religiously coward people give them money because we believe they are living a life full of curses and we don’t want to see our children facing the same. According to us, one can’t be blessed with two physical assets. A person having breast can’t have a penis or a vagina-holder should own two boobs too or else it will be considered as curse. I am not sure whether actually we are scared of minimum utilization of resources or it is something of which we are not habituated and so a thing which is out of the box scares us? It’s our superstition to worship a cow having an additional horn, a kid having beard or a Ganpati shaped structure came out of a tree. We believe in polished oval shaped stone more than a person’s existence and that the reason we believe having Manhood and Womanhood is a curse and leveled them as un-natural, abnormal.

ImageIn a country where half of the population starve one time a day, there not having food is not a problem, having multibillion bank balance is not a crime but being physically rich is considered as social crime. We don’t consider them equal at all. In this regard, the verdict given by Supreme Court should be considered as milestone. From now onwards there will be three options in every document where need to mention about gender, male, female and transgender. Transgender were socially present but from now onwards they will get a social status also.

Now acceptance of transgender in census and welcoming them in the main stream of society will raise another form of human being, who may not be not physically but psychologically combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. This sexual ambiguity may be found in fashion, gender identity, sexual identity or sexual lifestyle. The terminology used to describe them is ‘Androgyny’. It’s a state of mind. Androgynies can be said to have the gender identity of both male and female. As I have said before, it is not a physical or biological state of a human being but mental state or better say psychological state of mind. One male may want to wear dress like a female, may like to use accessories of other sex. He may want to do waxing in his hands and legs but may not be interested in changing anatomy. A lady may like to keep her hair short like guys, wear vest in place of brassiere or dress up completely look like a male member. I know people who don’t like to have breasts, beside will not like to have penis also. It’s actually a state of mind. A lot people we find in our society whose voices sound like that of a female but actually they are male. They have a sudden kind of tone which is familiar to female than that of male but physical they have all the biological proof of being a man. There are lot female who grow muscles, dress like a man, behaves like a man but biologically a perfect woman in real.

ImageThere are three points we need to remember while understanding the psychology and if there is any physical aspects of androgyny,, sexual orientation and gender identity. Sex means his biological appearance, i.e. male, female or intersex. Sexual orientation means the preference of sexual partner for having sex. Some may opt for other sex and some may like it in same sex and some people enjoy both the kinds. Even one can be asexual also. The gender means what a person can consider themselves to be a man, woman or androgyny.

Now sexually the diversion is clear, i.e. in short what’s between your legs with determine what is your sex. If you have a penis, then you will be a male and if you don’t, and if you have a vagina, then you will be considered among females. Now if someone has both the symptoms, then the person will be considered as intersex. Now three of these communities have different kind of brains to respond in sexual desire or necessity. Those who being of one sex, likes to enjoy other sex’s habits, mentality, dressing and living are to be considered as androgyny. According to them, like religion, sex is also a forced thing applied at the time of birth. One born as female can like to live like a male too. She also like to dress like a male, like to wear brief in place of panty and simple vest in place of bra. She even like to roam around being bare chested. She may like to smoke like a male or ride bikes like a male, can like to keep a male hair-do too. She can consider herself to be a male without changing any physical appearance. Changing gender is a widely used practice now but androgyny people don’t like to change the gender until they find it severely necessary.

For most of the people, the idea of an androgynous gender identity goes in one ear and out the other, it simply doesn’t register. They see no evidence of it, shows face like never heard of it before, and assume they never will again. So the concept gets rejected as soon as it is articulated. This can’t be empathized enough. Even when the idea is reiterated, the reaction is usually same, it is assumed to be a faulty data. Society at large dictates that gender is binary and androgyne is not one of those two binary genders. They get ready to even accept some people as intersex, but get clueless about androgyny but the examples are available around them in almost every place. People make fun of then and those who are actually androgyny, they get no idea of what is wrong with them and none tells them that nothing is wrong in it and it’s absolutely right.

Even LGBT people tend to assume that a third generation doesn’t exist. Whatever physical symbols you bear, society has already set some norms for that and none can go abide that and this serious force has reached in that level so that even a androgyny people have trouble discovering and affirming their own nature.

From the very childhood, we direct our children to act like whatever physical symbols he/she is carrying. We even teach them some very personal issues too but it is seen that even some transgender people have gone wrong by changing their sex by doing GRS (Genital Resurrection Surgery). They actually didn’t want to change any anatomy at all but would like to live a life being androgyny. We live in a society, where physical appearance is given more importance that physical existence at all.

Aristophanes, speaking in Plato’s Symposium says “Original human nature was not like the present, but different. The sexes were not two, as they are now, but originally three in number; there was man, woman and a union of the two, having a name corresponding to this double nature, which once had a real existence, but is now lost, and the word “Androgynous” is preserved only as a term of reproach”.Image

I appreciate the verdict of Supreme Court in honoring ‘Intersex’ a really needed social status, and in the same way a social revolution, where people will honor a person’s psychological way of living too, is much needed before it becomes too late. Already we have killed a lot people’s mind, before it kills more, lets start raising our voice in protecting those who also want to live a life of their own choice without doing anything artificial but remaining true to themselves.





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