2014 – Situation Analysis 02

Posted: April 7, 2014 in NaBloPoMo
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There is a book named “men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”, a must read book. Those who didn’t read yet, please make your time to read it once but remember, this book is though claimed to be for all ages but I will prefer reader to be married to understand it better. In my last attempt of analyzing some situations in a family, I tried to conclude things as a happy ending and its bliss to see happiness at the end.

Now let’s look at the following situations:

Situation # 01: Wife decided to go for a vacation with her old friends and fortunately all of them are ladies. They planned it one year before but finalized a month before the trip. Your wife informs you after the ticket is booked and you return home after a busy day in office. Though you were nowhere involved in the planning but still you had a guess of the thing by listening some words while she talks with her mates. You kept your silence and didn’t ask her about what was going on. She fixes the plan and declares; I mean informs you with a kiss and a tight hug just after you return from office. You show your face like clueless but control the anger and show your teeth to make her feel happy and well connected.     You two have your dinner together and enjoy a good post dinner sex. You keep in mind the incident and the incident is, she plans for a trip with her friends, fixes it and informs you at the twelfth hour without having a feel of keeping you in the loop.

Situation # 02: you feel confused of your own desire. You seem like confused of what to do? You feel happy of spending some time without having your wife around or show temper for not taking permission from you in time and force her to cancel the trip or just give her warning of not doing the same, just tell her, go this time but next time onwards it must be finalized after an on table discussion only. You decide to let it go. Again as usual, after office hours, you reach your home and find her sitting with her own psychological ornaments, i.e. emotional blackmailing list. She tells you that she doesn’t want to go. She will miss you a lot and she insists you to say the same words as she is interested to hear those to feel happy. Initially you don’t understand but very soon you realize that and to get rid of such botheration, you say those words and with a smile, she appreciates and vanishes for two days to enjoy with friends.Image

Situation # 03: You stupid moron, still confused of what to do and how to react, call some friends and office colleagues for an Alcohol Party and knowing none will rebuke you at night and more importantly you need not to be in sense so that can keep your dick hard during intercourse, drink a lot, sing with friends, dance on the dance floor, force people to acknowledge your dancing skills to end the drama. After getting in to the car, which your friend owns, you find your mobile screen is showing 22 missed calls from your wife. That small information is enough to bring you back to senses. You call her immediately forgetting the time then. She picks the phone up and then only you notice that though your brain is responding properly but no other body parts is responding to your command. Somehow you manage to say good night and promise her to call the next day morning. You reach home with a tension of facing her words over the phone and compare it with facing a tiger in any forest and though being drunk, find the second option much better.

Situation # 04: the next day you plan to watch some porn and strictly say no to drinking ever in your life. In the morning, a long twenty minutes lecture was enough to bring you back from any kind of sweet hang over but actually found yourself like handed over. Anyway, you attend office and collect some porn films of foreign starts and obviously of some Desi stars. After watching it for almost one hour, you get bore and for the last time convince yourself to make a small drink. You take out some chicken leg piece from the fridge and spend almost half an hour to make a proper side dish to have a proper drink. You again start watching porn and find yourself much comfortable enjoying it with drinks. In between the porn, suddenly you get a call from your wife and pick that up without minimizing the volume of TV, to which she asks you about the erotic sound, and you manage it by saying some bullshits. She says that she misses you a lot. Though she visited almost everywhere in the place but didn’t find the happiness at all. You tired of listening such, take out your hand from inside the boxer and open the drawer to take out the head phone. You listen to her emotional treatment for more than twenty minutes and try to respond almost anything to everything. When she finishes talking with you after exchanging ‘I love you’ much more times than actually you two feel the same at heart, you find your chicken became chilled and chilled drinks tastes like hot coffee.

Situation # 05: you realize, you don’t have any other option except enjoying the current status of ‘being married’. Someone makes fun of you by adding another word in between these two words,  i.e. ‘happily’.





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