2014 – Situation Analysis

Posted: April 2, 2014 in NaBloPoMo
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Situation # 01: there is too much pressure at office due to financial year end. Every day you are working till midnight without getting adequate break from work. After finishing your work, when you reach home, you find your wife waiting with food on the table. You take bath and then sleep on the bed. your wife too sleeps on the same bed and takes a deep breath seeing you fall asleep within no time but considers to stay cool thinking you are having tremendous pressure at work. She tries to sleep but can’t close her eyes due to some aching feeling in her bottom. She moves her hand on her own parts and finds it dry. The next day morning you wake up like you met a zombie last night. You get ready like bullet train and then try your best to get atleast a single bite of breakfast made by your wife. You reach office and again the repetition of same.

Situation # 02: your wife gets tired of you, to be specific, tired of your constant business where you don’t get any time to talk to her and she doesn’t have any job in a city new to her and so no friends too. She watches television, keeps herself whole day active on social networking sites for chatting with people. She gossips about her girlfriend’s husband and of some old male friends. She talks about social media, politics and ‘Cosmopolitan’. In the evening also, when you come back from office, she keeps herself busy with laptop or mobile phone. You get irritated seeing her busy when you are in a mood to talk but as you don’t have time all day long and she has to live with her mobile and laptop, she fails to leave that for even two hours after you get back home.

Situation # 03: you are intelligent and believe in giving space to your better half. You don’t disturb her and comment on her being busy with laptop and mobile but start keeping yourself busy with the same thing of yours and sometime your favorite sports channel. You two have your dinner together and then sleep like there is no tomorrow. Sometime your wife wakes you up or vice versa when you get tired of sleeping, you make love. A love making, which starts in a minute, peaks in two minutes and takes only five minutes to wrap up everything to sleep. Neither you get your proper ejaculation, nor does she get her orgasm.

Situation # 04: she gets angry by seeing your constant business for a long month where she doesn’t get any attention of yours and you, an intelligent person, start getting charm of working more than chatting meaninglessly with your wife but in a family, sometime some issues come which needs discussion. One day your mom in law calls her daughter and invites you and her to visit her place on an occasion. Your wife get dressed well that evening and without complimenting her, you ask for the reason of being well dressed. She swallows her lips twice and says about the invitation. You do a quick financial calculation for the month and the coming quarter and found it to be too tough to manage but your ego resists you to open up with that.Image

Situation # 05: you book her ticket and then assure her to book your own after a few days. You book your ticket too and keep on blaming your mother in law and her invitation. You make every calculation upto its micro level to save a single penny so that without any problem and easily you survive the next few months with limited income and then the point of extra earning comes in your mind and immediately forgetting the official pressure, you start checking ‘Google’ and happily come out with various suggestions, one of which to be freelance journalism. You immediately finish reading all the available topics on the net, even order for a book too. You start dreaming of getting the best freelance journalist award by the world’s best journalist club.

Situation # 06: you discuss the thing with your few old friends and they immediately start talking about all the negative points but one, who once had a soft corner for you, starts liking it immediately. She starts inspiring you to move on and write more. She starts calling you once in a day even after ‘no contact’ situation for last two years. You find her charming and inspiring. You forgot about your wife’s warning to stay away from that friend but get more and more close with her. Now she even guides you about how to write a blog, a news. Your wife always comes with reality and you too work with that only. Suddenly you start feeling you don’t love your wife, actually never loved too but continued to do your part of responsibilities. You get chance to kiss your admirer but not to make love. You adjust it by kissing your admirer and then sleeping with wife in darkness where none care about the facial expression.Image

Situation # 07: one day your wife finds out that relationship and starts crying, to which you fall in deep thought about the source of her information. You check all your message inbox locked and the check your laptop too doubting whether it was hacked but don’t find any clue. But this try of your even make you another Sherlock Holmes. You become master in hacking. You hack her mail id and find that, it’s not only you, even she was also having some hot chats with one of her friend, whom you never liked and always doubted. You feel happy with your fruitful investigation and proof but at the same time, start feeling low too thinking your wife having steamy chat with her friend. You go home and slowly ask your wife about the incident and the progress of relationship with that guy, to which she initially denies and then accepts.Image

Situation # 08: you both start hating each other and start gathering more information about each other. You people start blaming each other for everything with all kinds of truth and emotion mixed words. Then you people involve your parents too in that matter. They try their best but fail as both of you are in full mood to stand on your own points. You again start feeling depressed. You start thinking of having the worst life one ever had on this earth and the idea of writing an autobiography stops you from committing suicide.

Situation # 09: your office keeps a close watch on you. Your office finds you disturbed and suddenly introvert unlike before. You start feeling everyone is good friend of yours except your wife and so some of your close & trusted person come to know the whole reason and don’t waste a single second to deliver that to your boss’s ear. Your boss acts like she knew it from before; atleast doubted it from the very first day but shows kindness to you. She calls you and you go inside her cabin. You adjust your tie and then take out a rough slang before entering her cabin. She offers you to seat. You become conscious of her sudden & uncertain warm behavior but boss is always a boss. She open her drawer and take out two flight tickets to Goa, one for you and another for your Wife (sorry, here Boss would have more romantic and eventful). She offers you to take a week long leave. With utter surprise you take that and come out of her cabin. Suddenly you start loving that gray haired, saggy booby, huge ass boss.

Situation # 10: your wife’s friend from UK who used to chat with her, gets tired of calling her and of constant ‘not reachable’ tone. He gives up and start concentrating on other available resources. Your admirer start developing the idea of writing her own biography and mentioning your name in the ‘thanks giving’ page to show how much her love was pure for you.Image

You take a break and get in to the flight.




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