The Masturbatory God…# 01

Posted: March 7, 2014 in NaBloPoMo
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For The first Time and the sensation

A few days before I read something on this whatsapp and really very sorry to say, I actually forgot her name, later tried to find out but failed to get her blog again. In her blog only, for the first time, I read the word Masturbatory God. It really amazed me to find such cute name for a god who supposedly responsible for our sexy yet passionate secrets. Come on guys, let’s not get bored with that word but let’s spend some time about my own experiences about masturbation and how I have enjoyed it in my past and if possible, then till day.

I guess, I don’t need to give a small intro of what is masturbation coz hopefully the older generation people are quite accustomed with the actual thing and the new born are already proven smarter than we people of mid-age.

Actually, like all others normal people, I also started my masturbating from very early age. May be that time I was in class two or three. Peeping through the bathroom while someone inside or seeing my granny changing dress infront of me considering me innocent was well enough to give a small hard on that time but unfortunately, I didn’t know the reason for this hard on. Once, while I went to my village, there some girls, who were actually my cousin sister’s friend, took me to take bath in a lake nearby. I thought it will be good fun. I was only six years old then and was already in a good school of Kolkata. I was told to remove my dress s that can return wearing dry clothes too which I immediately protested and they started making fun of me. That lake was a little far away from the village and that’s why it was actually some kind of no man’s land, my cousin sister and all there three ladies took out their dress almost, just kept their petticoat tied covering their breasts, jumped in to the water hoping I will also join them soon but I was feeling ashamed. Suddenly I felt some ticklish feeling under my pant and that time, my cousin sister called me to join them in the lake. Being confused f what to do and obviously being shy, I took out my pants and jumped into the water in no second so that none can see me naked but even in between that fraction of minutes also, I tried to hold my own dick with my own hand. Under water, it was not visible unless I tried to float on the water while floating in the water, my butt was coming out of water and thankfully considering me child, none paid attention to that. My sister and her friends were closest among themselves and surprisingly they were not even shy with their openness to each other. They touched each other’s private parts and then it happened. They altogether came out of the lake and started soaping each other on their back and thighs and hands. They called me too which I politely ignored. Their dresses were not in proper place, boobs were perked and part of dense bushes was almost visible. I was too child to notice them but didn’t know why it was not their face but their boobs and the bushes were attracting me. I was time and again looking at those village girl’s assets. One of her friends noticed me looking at their parts and suddenly I got an eye contact with her. Though I was completely unaware of my fault, still I felt a little bit guilty. She came in the lake and dragged me outside while I was stark naked. I started crying for putting me in that position. They started laughing at me seeing crying for my nakedness. Sister came to me and asked the reason for my crying and fortunately or unfortunately I was able to say, “It’s really unfair to keep me naked whereas they were wearing half of their clothes.  They giggled and then laughed a lot and then the moment of my life came. One of her friend went to do the reiki to see whether actually there was none around. Then she came back assured all other that there was none. Immediately they took off their rest clothes too and stood infront of me being stark naked. They were having heavy boobs and bushy bottom. Then my sis asked me, are you happy now? I had already stopped crying then and started feeling happy to see all matured ladies in my birthday dress. I started giggling seeing them. The most talkative and spontaneous among her friends then took me in her arms and gave me a tight hug, a naked hug of adorence. We a jumped in to the lake again. After playing a lot in the water when our eyes became red, we came out of that and they started putting on clothes. One of them came towards me with a towel and started wiping waters from my body. Slowly her hand wrapped with towel reached my dick. I started protesting and they again started making fun of me saying, “see see, his dick has become hard and bigger”. I didn’t understand that but wore my pant and came back to my sister’s place. The whole night, when everybody was seeping, I played with my dick.

It was a childhood incident and obviously wasn’t enough steamy to remember until for the first time I came to know from a friend that actually my dick got hard while seeing them in such a way and one more thing, Jesus, it is not a bad idea to play with your own manhood. I was in class seven then and one of my closest friend and I were preparing for an exam. We were discussing our subjects and cant remember how the topic of paying with own dick came and being so stupid I confessed gladly that it gives immense pleasure to touch your own genital, the balls and even the pubic hair too. He saw my face with utter surprise and started laughing loudly. I was hurt with such reaction and repented for disclosing such dark truths with him. I closed my books and walked away from the room. I was in our roof when he came silently come behind me and all of a sudden grabbed my dick over the undies from backside and started teasing me. I almost cried of pain and sudden embarrassment. He left my dick and still kept on laughing. Without wasting a single second, I almost pounded on him and grabbed his dick and the balls too. We had a small fight over there and then he confessed, he also used to play with his own dick. We were happy with our own confession and thought of giving it a try. None was there in my home then and so we turned on our tv and started playing with our dicks. We were sitting on a chair, our hands were inside our pant and the pant was still on. Within no time it got hard and then we kept n playing with it. Suddenly the friend cried out in ecstasy and exploded in his own pant. I stopped teasing my own dick and paid attention to his pant. It was wet, he took out his hand and it was with some jelly type liquid. It gave me some other kind of sensation and so I put my hand again in my pant and started stroking more hard and don’t know what kind of force was forcing me to do that with more power. One of my hands automatically went too touch my Chest and tiny nipples and then the world went blank for me. It was a huge explosion inside, seemed like just an atomic bomb exploded just inside my pant. I took some time to understand what happened just then, opened my eyes and saw him looking at my pant, I also looked at it. The poor pant was dark, with the liquid came out of my own dick. It never happened before. My hand was completely wet, I was all sweated and still taking deep breath.

For the first time of my life, the great Masturbatory god took me to heaven.Image

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