May be i should say…I am Grateful

Posted: February 18, 2014 in NaBloPoMo

In the year 2003, I met you. Then you was a small, cute doll, reading in class five in one of the most famous girls school in Kolkata. I was appointed as a private tutor of you through some reliable sources as I was not sure whether to teach a junior class student. You used to come wearing a frock, with a teddy in your lap. You were small, you were cute and within a very short period of time, you became my favorite. I taught you for almost two years before I got my first job. I left the tuition and joined my new company. That was not a time of cellphone. Though I was having a phone but as you didn’t have any, we used to communicate through telephone and mostly letter. Yes, you were ten years junior than me. When I started teaching you, our relation was like a typical student teacher which developed to a friendly one with very ease. You were spontaneous and I was calm. You was jovial and I was charming. You was shy and I was smart but there were a lot similarities too, like we liked reading books, we liked watching some specific movies, we liked poetry, we liked the color of sky. You was naughty and I was too. Knowing it may hurt you, I used to punish you more and knowing I would punish, still you used to skip your homework. We were good as nurturing a teacher student relationship until that incident happened. Even being a good student of your old school, you were running late in your new one. Whereas, you was known as a very sincere and meritorious student. You were lagging behind in the new school and as all the teachers were very strict and not student friendly, they didn’t pay attention towards you but called your parents time to time, even sometime in between General guardians meetings to tell them, how bad you was doing  with your studies. Being a teacher, I was also feeling the pressure. The pressure was not about the feel of losing a job and scissoring some good money from my pocket, but I was scared of you. I tried to understand each and every incidents happening around you, but somehow failed and then the incident happened.

In a class test, you was told to take signature of your parents but as the number was a complete zero, you got scared of your parents and even of me too, you copied your dad’s signature and submitted the paper to your class teacher. Guardian’s meeting was called after one week. When your mother went to attend the meeting, then only she came to know about that. Suddenly, those who were closest to you, turned on to became your enemy. Being a child, you found all of them are hopeless with you. When in the evening, I reached your place, it seemed like someone died. Your mom was silent, your face was swollen and you was crying too. Your mom called me in another room and narrated the whole story. After listening the whole episode, when I called you to start with my teaching, I felt like beating you, slapping you or just cut you apart. I even thought of resigning from the job of teaching. I didn’t say a single word. You noticed that. After that incident, none talked to you. You was left by all. Even I didn’t initiate any unnecessary conversation on that evening. I saw you started crying again. Tears were dropping from your eyes. I put my hand on your head, though you was already tired of crying for long.  Just after you came back from school, all kinds of mental tortures were experimented on you. You was no more able to continue with that. I saw that face, your jawline was looking more farm, I didn’t make any mistake in judging the situation, immediately called you, dragged you close to me and gave a tight hug. It was necessary. Your pace of crying increased, you were trembling in mental pain. You knew whatever you did was wrong, already your parents had scolded you a lot. Your school teachers made bad remarks about you and after all these things also, if someone like me, who started behaving like a senior friend, constantly behave like that, who can control the tears and who knows, where was the end of that cry! That evening, neither had I rebuked her for anything, nor did we talk like all other day. We knew, now it’s time to wake up and do something impressive so that depressed parents and teachers could get a lesson. I changed my whole techniques of teaching from that day and she also started reading with much more attention, resulted a really progressive mark in her next class test. A lady, who used to walk like a frightened rabbit in school premises, started walking with full of confidence.

I saw the phase of your transformation from being a girl to a lady.  Though physically, you was a girl only, but mentally you became much matured. You started understanding that people, acquaintances around, don’t leave any scope to harass you, they don’t miss any chance to pull you down.

Yes, that was the only support I have ever provided to you. I was the only person who didn’t rebuke you then but supported with positive quotes and suggestions.

In reply to that, from a student of mine, you became my friend, my sister and sometime my lover too. In any kind of personal problem, college problem, professional problem, I never had to return without getting a relief…


(… as I failed to complete it in single sitting and multiple sitting to write one of the best story of my life will only bring confusions, questions and speculations. I am not ready for those… thank you)




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