A Life, a death… from Bed Room to Drawing Room

Posted: January 22, 2014 in NaBloPoMo
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Last few days, the whole media were busy talking about the Twitter war and then the sudden and unnatural death of Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor. All the social media sites were overflowed with the condolences, suspects, past histories of both the persons. Some people doubted that Sashi Tharoor’s Pakistan connection is involved in this and some people twitted Sashi himself planned to kill his own wife. Some people read all the articles and reached a point that, it was a clear case of suicide. I also read all the newspapers, had a long discussion with my wife and with colleagues and kept on following all the related news then after.

Yesterday while checking my twitter account, found one tweet by renowned columnist Sobha De, Sunanda Pushkar’s “sudden and unnatural death” must be probed thoroughly, independently and fairly, regardless of Shashi-Sonia friendship and that made me start thinking deeply. I started developing reasons, ideas and various other incidents to judge, analysis and then write through my blogs.

Lets get a brief about the Sunanda Pushkar death case. Sunanda Pushkar, wife of page 3 politician and renowned international fame figure, ex Liz Hurley boyfriend Sashi Tharur found dead in a five start hotel of Delhi. Before this incident, there was a series of incidents took place, like suddenly one fine morning people started finding lots of tweets from the account of Mr. Tharoor regarding how much does he is interested about a Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar. Immediately people started talking about it which was actually stopped by Mr. Tharoor’s another tweet stating his account had been hacked and he has no link to whatever it was posted from his account. Immediately after this declaration, another tweet came from Mrs. Tharoor’s account stating all the tweets were posting by her to make people aware that how much her husband tried to betray her for a ladies like Mehr Tarar. Even she accused the reporter for ‘stalking’ her husband. She added more stating Ms. Tarar as ISI agent, to which Ms. Tarar threatened to file case against Mrs. Tharoor. Mr. and Mrs. Tharoor got married on 2010 after both of them got divorced twice. The marriage was a traditional Kerala styled affair. When they were dating, they were very known faces in most of the Page 3 functions holding each other’s hand, sometime even smooching each other. The class of Mr. Tharoor and the grace of Mrs. Tharoor made all the eyebrows of the entire leading dailies rise but they carried it with style, keeping people astonished and charmed. Meanwhile, when Tharoor was a cabinet minister and was dating Sunanda, there was a scam against him regarding owning of an IPL cricket team. Mr. Tharoor had to even resign from his ministry but somehow he was able to manage the case and from then except some small issues, they were rocking. The first known incident of the crack in their relationship was in the month of april, 2013 when Chief Minister of Gujarat tweeted “a 50crore rupees girlfriend” about Sunanda. Sashi managed it well too by replying some good phrases of love but everything failed on this last time, when there was a tweet war on the net, huge rise of gossips on fire and then a dead body on bed in one of the most posh hotel of New Delhi.

Neither I am a detective, nor am I interested about how she died. She might have committed suicide, or killed by some goddamn person but I am hereby more interested about the growing tendency of bringing the bedroom to drawing room. The tiny line between these two places are diminishing day by day and without giving us any notice, the drawing room life is becoming more public than expected or required. In broader view, it’s a case of misunderstanding, lack of self-confidence of women in power and obviously the ever-hated flirt nature of guys.

Let’s get in to a little more detailed version of their relationship. Shashi Tharoor, have a sound academic and as well as professional background. This person did his bachelors from St. Stephen’s College and then continued graduation from The States. He completed Post Graduation also from the same university, i.e. Tufts University. Then he started his professional career and worked for United Nations. He has handled successfully many International issues and crisis too. In the year 2007, he left United Nations and started his political career in India where he was given the ‘Ministry of States for External Affairs’. He then contested in the general elections of India and his candidature was from Thiruvananthapuram. He defeated all the heavy contestants to get the direct ticket for parliament. Without any doubt, he was sworn as the Minister of state for External Affairs and later on Minister of States for Human Resources Development. A thorough clean person, whose name never came into any scam except the IPL controversy,. He had to resign from ministry also during that period, though later on he was declared clean and then got back his ministry.

Beside this man, let’s get details of Sunanda Pushkar. Who did her graduation from Government College for Women in Srinagar and got married to his first husband during studies. That didn’t last for more than two years. Teenage affair didn’t mature at all. She then moved to Dubai and fall in love with one business man, whom she married after two years of dating. They had a son too. Her then husband was running a business and reportedly was not doing well too. In the mean time, Sunanda developed her own business of Even Management which was doing good in the market. She, alongwith her company, successfully organized some important international business meets and some fashion shows also. Within a very short period of time, Sunanda got her publicity as a good Event Manager. She, with her husband were on top of their career. They worked with many well-known fashion designers, models too. Then they took the risk of organizing one huge show but unfortunately that didn’t see the taste of success. It faced a huge loss and Sunanda and her Husband faced true color of life. Their marriage fell in trouble. Huge financial loss dragged the relationship to a fail. Her husband moved to India and reportedly died in a road accident. Sunanda started getting random phone calls from different creditors. She had a very tough time then. Their son had developed a communication disorder and she had to support her dad financially for the family and for the education of her brother. From a slowly emerging business professional, she became a paying guest with one of her friend. She had to repay all the debts occurred due to that failed show. She then moved to San Fransisco and started working for a company. It worked for her.

In October 2009, Shashi met Sunanda. Shashi was having a trouble marriage with his then wife Christa Giles so the grace and beauty diva Sunanda was an eye catcher for Sashi and with an International Fame, Sashi was an easy selection for any women. Sunanda was not married then and somehow managed to get rid of her financial crisis also. They started dating each other. During that period, the gossip of their closy relationship was matter of discussion to every known person. Through Shashi, Sunanda got an International ground where there is not only business, but there is fame, where there is more admirer than critics and for Shashi, he got his love for that time. They rocked.

Twitter was not a new thing for Shashi Tharoor. He was the first Indian to have the One Lakh followers in Twitter. He was a, internationally famous personality and there were many persons who were not in Twitter but were follower of him, whereas Sunanda was much lesser known name globally. She was known name in her field, but became famous after marrying to Shashi Tharoor. She had different acquaintances which differed with Shashi. Twitter was already a known and powerful media for all the celebrities throughout the world. From Cricketer to Politician, everyone is now in twitter but why to expose a homely affair in twitter? Why to attack some other person when you don’t have any solid proof against him or her? And even if you have proof against someone, what is the right thing to do? Start repairing it from the grass-root level or just attacking on the top?

Why things are not getting solved at home but getting exposed in public. When a public is involved in something, then obviously there are chances of different opinion most of the time, critics are negative. It happened the same with Tharoor couple too. Though Shashi tried to manage, still Sunanda, more interested to make it public than thinking twice or taking steps to manage her own home, declared war against her own husband mentioning all the tweets were posted by her. She even called for a press meet too to prove how bad Shashi Tharoor was or how the lady journalist from Pakistan tried to snatch Shashi from her. It’s a complete act of immaturity and lack of self-confidence.

Now she is dead and still people are more in to criticizing themselves through that public media than to repairing their own loopholes at home.

Let’s dream for a world, where drawing room is treated as drawing room and bed room is kept as private, even if one window is found broken due to heavy wind, we must try to repair that, instead of considering to treat it as living room, where anyone can enter and ransack your own life. None suffers, but it’s you who bleed.

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