Old Jeans – A Witness of Love (Part 02)

Posted: January 17, 2014 in NaBloPoMo
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Like a lit cigarette, all vacation vanishes very fast. I had to go back to my work place, far off from Kolkata. I packed back my luggage, wore that jeans with an easy wear t-shirt and said bye to my home, my family. Who knew then that this will be the longest ten months before again I came back on leave? After reaching Bhutan, my work place, indulged myself in the work. Office days are very awesome at times, when you have lots of work and when you have the chair of a senior person. Working hard and working with satisfaction is totally two different words. One can work hard, can work day & night without any rest gets tired or better say bored when he knows that except him also, it can be done with some other people. Another point is in our construction arena, most of the people are given responsibility but not the decision taking power. It comes through proper protocol. When you earn that, when you are given the power to take and deliver decision, it is the most aspiring moment. I got that. Within a very few months, I was considered as the key member of the team. I used to work till mid night and again join my duty in the morning at right time. I used to deliver decisions, orders and blow out all the criticisms pointing towards me. I was a hero of my own never written story but was not getting time to wear again that jean of mine. Working days are always with formal dress and Sunday is rest day, so I used to sleep all through the day.

I got a chance to wear the jeans when I got selected for an International Conference to be held at Hotel Taj-Tashi, a five star hotel at Thimphu. I took out the jeans, kissed it and packed inside my bag. It was a two days conference and all were requested to come wearing blazer. I took mine, polished my leather shoes, took two ties, one was blue and a rose red one. While the vehicle came at my door step and honked me, took the bag and sat in the warm comfort inside the vehicle. It was autumn time then and autumn is also very chilling in Bhutan, especially in Thimphu. Two days seminar went on nicely. My presentation got appreciated by all and now it was the time to go back to my site but the Ministry Of Economic Affairs threw a party in the evening and so had to postpone the programme for next day. In the evening with all my satisfaction took out the jeans and wore it with a blazer to try some kind of cross-dressing. Here I met the lady. A violet clad long coat matching with black colored nice leggings and with a pink colored scarf kept casually. She was fair enough to glow in the dim light of a dining cum party hall. People were around her with an indication that, she is somehow daughter of some big chaps and I did justice to my badge given by the organizer.

hi, I am Sougata, came from Gammon India Limited, I said with lots of courage, smartness and obviously with little bit trembling legs.

She was smart, just looked at my badge and understood me that I am also not like all other attendants but an ‘A’ grade representative. She gave a sweet smile, making my legs more trembling and said, “Hi, I am Sneha, Sneha Maitra”. I had to say, “And here as?” She understood my word and replied, “With that grey haired person, as I am daughter of him”, pointing towards a old man, wearing grey colored blazer, blue colored tie and when I reached at his face, found the managing director of our client over there. Thought of pissing inside my trousers but controlled and managed to pour the whole drink in one shot.

-“…what happened?” She asked with a pinned smile and with the worst smartness and courage, I had to reply, “Why that person had to be your dad? It is really not done”. She was confused, “I didn’t get you, could you please repeat once more?” I said, “Enjoy the party, will catch you later”.

But while the plot is ready from before only, who can resist an incident to happen. I left the place and concentrate on drinking good quality wine along with some friends and officers. Suddenly heard my name, somebody was calling me, had to pay attention to that call and what a surprise, that beautiful lady’s proud father, the big tummy Managing Director of our client calling me. He is along with his daughter. I am dead sure, there are some real stories behind the birth of that lady because this sheep faced, and pregnant cow type tummy holder can’t be dad of this beautiful lady. Thought of calling detectives to investigate but put the plan for some time and walked to him. He shook my hand and introduced her daughter to me, “My son, this is Mr. Mukherjee, working in Gammon India and along with other two persons, representing his company. Very nice and witty guy he is.”  He had continue more with his never brushed teeth, Archimedes designed spectacle and I, sorry better say, we had to listen to his speech, “and Mr. Mukherjee, she is my daughter. As both of you are the only two Bengalis in this place, and she was also feeling bore here, that’s why called you, hope now she will love this party.” She took a typical Kamal Mitra of Bengali Cinema type pause and again continued, “Oh yes, before dinner, we will have a real dance there in the centre of this hall. Have fun and good time”. He vanished along with his drink partners. She was feeling bore and that’s why I am called. Sheep faced Managing Director will never change, idiot but controlled myself and changed the direction of my attention from drinking quality wine to this lady. Tried to control my trembling legs and concentrate on this beautiful creation of her manufacturing unit. How a sheep-faced person could claim her as daughter. Anyhow, left the topic and offered her wine as I was in a mood to drink more and if she also starts giving company, it would be pleasure and obviously fun, as instructed by her dad, but she denied. She never drank. I started insisting her to take a little sip but she refused to do so and that’s why I had to put down my glass. She understood the thing and gave the sweetest smile I have ever seen and said, “Let’s try tonight, let’s have a drink together”. To my utter surprise, took a glassful of wine, and said, “Cheers”. I smiled at her and said “cheers”.  After that first glassful wine, we took one more and then went for dinner, bid good night to each other and reached hotel making a thoughtful end of probably the smallest love story. Whole night I was not able sleep due to over drinking and due to her thought in mind. I was enjoying every bit of her presence in the hall. She took the glass, said Cheers, touched the glass with her small pink lips making a mark on it, and took her first sip and the confusing face turned into something like frog in boiled oil. Anyway, she managed the glass and when I asked her go for another one, she didn’t resist. I thought she will be drunk and so keeping my sincere knowledge on her every attitude. I was expecting her not to get drunk and patch mark on my presence there. She didn’t get drunk. I guarded her up to the vehicle, chauffer started with a frustrating boom sound and she went. I took out a cigarette, threw the smoke in the air and called for my vehicle, reached the hotel, threw my shoes, socks, put on the hot shower and took a steamy bath. But as I was drunk and the feelings of her presence snatched sleep from my eyes. I kept on smoking until found myself lost in the comfort of the bed. I slept ultimately. Woke up at 9am in the morning and asked for bed tea. Suddenly a thought came in me, I didn’t take her any contact number, neither mobile no, nor mail id. Threw the cigarette bud in the ash tray and got ready for going back to site, my sweet site. Right I was, shortest love story ended. Packed all my books, dresses and decided to wear that jean, let it get a little bit more dirty so that get a confidence to wash it by force, not by choice. I came in the lobby of my hotel, called the driver and to my super surprise found her sitting in couch, just opposite to me. I said, “good morning”. She gave a smile and said, “Are you sure the morning is good?” I gave a thoughtful smile, gathered all my courage and managed to throw praise, “When you are standing infront of the most beautiful girl of the world, morning must have to be good, no choice dear”. She gave a weird smile, “you didn’t give your contact details and didn’t take mine also. If you want to continue this friendship, then we should exchange that or else good bye.” She turned around and started to go back. I put her hand and said, “Let’s have a cup of coffee together, who knows whether will I get any more chances or not.” We exchanged our number, completed the coffee and had to bid good bye.


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