A Train Journey and a Small Love Story : Part 02

Posted: January 7, 2014 in NaBloPoMo
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Yes, from that strange journey, we never met, never communicated. My reason for such ignorance was not intentional but by force. I lost my wallet in which I kept her mail id and after getting my new SIM in new city, all my old contacts got deleted somehow. That was a period of Orkut.com. I tried a lot but couldn’t get her any details. It seemed like, that was actually a one night stand. Even she didn’t try to contact me and slowly one fine morning I discovered I have so many things to do rather than finding out her details.

In the meantime, I completed the construction of a flyover in Mumbai and then got a new job offer from one of the top company and decided to switch. My new location was for Bhutan. I worked there for four years and then decided to come back to Mumbai again but this time it was by flight. I rented a flat in Bhayander. It was a duplex and was in main market, so most of the time it was full of sound, noise, din and bustles. There were four milk shops near my flat and there were three wine shops. I decided to rely on the later. Wake up in the morning and then getting ready for the office, travel by Mumbai local train and then after a whole day of working at office finishing with dinner. I got a friend there. His name was Dipak. He was a confused guy and used to eat my brain whenever he met me. Generally we were drinking partner. Someday I, and someday he used to bring whisky. We used to drink for one hour; in between I used to finish cooking of my dinner.

It was my daily life except Sunday and off Saturdays. Sunday was my funday. I never made any specific plan for that. Generally I used to go for a movie and then alcohol outside and dining.

One day, I mean one Sunday morning, Dipak called and informed to join me for a movie. We both frustrated drunk bachelor but with straight oriented public started for the film and after spending three hours in the theatre hall, found it was not only the worst movie ever I have watched, it was a completely wastage of money and time too.

There was a drinking hole there. I along with Dipak, went there and ordered for large black label, a Johny Walker brand scotch. Drinks were served after a few minutes along with some starters whatever we have ordered. We immediately forgot about the movie and switched our topic of discussion about our professional and personal life. While talking with him, I saw a lady wearing yellow colored scarf and a fade orange colored suit turned around her face towards the café and then before I could even register the thing in my mind, vanished. I was not sure but somehow it seemed like I have seen that girl before. Anyway, I didn’t give any damn to it and kept on drinking. After finishing drinking, we ordered for dinner and then took an auto for our flat. I closed my door and set the alarm for next day. I fall asleep in no time.

The next day on the way to my office, suddenly the thought of the same lady came. I didn’t see her face properly, still why I was so freaking wasting my time thinking of her? That week was a five day one and thus Saturday was an off day for me. I decided to go to that shopping mall once again. Already I have almost one hour a day thinking of her. I didn’t see her face properly still somehow it seemed like I have seen her somewhere.

I reached the shopping mall and found it was much less crowded. I entered in a Café Coffee Day outlet, settled myself with a cup of coffee and kept my eyes on the entrance. I was feeling like I was about to see something but even after finishing my 3rd cup of coffee there, none of the ladies were able to grab my attention. Though everyone was nice and beautiful, still I didn’t get the feelings of her, what I had then, on that day.

I decided to repeat the program again on next day, i.e. Sunday. After having lunch, I kept the whole schedule same, like watching a movie and then drinking whisky at the same bar. The movie didn’t disappoint me in the first half, so during interval, I went out for loo and returned to my seat with a bucket of popcorn and coke and there happened the most uncertain but strange incident of my life. In the darkness of the theatre, I didn’t get chance to notice who was sitting just next to me except a lady and after coming back from the loo, I saw her. Yes, it was Nishi. Nishi Chopra. I bet, I couldn’t be mistaken even after almost five years. She also noticed me looking at her. Might be she was not able to recognize me with my little obese look with an old fashioned black frame. She said, “do I know you” and then a small smile on her curvy lips, almost jumped of her seat and jumped over me,”Debraj, Debraj, how are you? Almost after a decade, I guess” I was having popcorn in one hand and Coke in another. Already her jump resulted in spilling of both the things but who cares about that. It was our time but then only the intermission had to finish and thus we had to settle in our seats. She was having another lady on her left. I felt a little relieved, atleast not husband or any boyfriend! Strange mind, I have. I lost my interest for the film. I was waiting for the movie to finish. Suddenly felt a soft touch on my hand, she took my left hand in her palm, then made a little movement with fingers and then brought his face towards my ear and said, “are you still interested to finish the movie, or we can go out and have some coffee?”

I narrated the whole story of how last Sunday I saw her, then what I did to find her, how did I lose my contacts list and what were the problems with mail id as I lost the wallet etc. she listened and then asked me, “are you married”. I said, “No”. She gave a smile and said, “I got married three years before with that guy I told you before.” Already it was a shock for me, though we were not couple, still it’s a strange thing we guys have. We feel to marry all the beautiful girls on the earth. Anyway, I congratulated her. She returned it with smile and then said softly, “…and we divorced one year after marriage.”





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