A Train Journey and a Small Love Story : Part 01

Posted: January 6, 2014 in NaBloPoMo
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Year : 2007
It was a painful for me while I was leaving my Jammu site. I was there for almost two years during the construction of a road bridge and thought of switching my job as I was getting a much better offer from one of the best company and that also located at Mumbai, one of the most known metro cities. I packed my luggage, took a hearty farewell from all my colleagues and site workers, felt very touchy when I saw tears in the eyes of my office boy. I put my entire luggage in the car which was being used by me for a long two years and started for the railway station.
There was a huge jam in between my site and the railway station and I got stuck in that. I was getting late. I got frightened but then only my driver decided to take me through some bypass so that I can reach station if not before then also atleast on time and it proved to be a wrong decision. The tiny galli’s of Jammu were also jammed due to some over intelligent public like us. I kept on watching my watch and was not getting a little signal so that can even think of getting the train. Yes, I was not aware of the 139 dialing facility then or maybe it was unavailable then. Somehow I reached the station almost half an hour late than the scheduled departing time. I felt hopeless and so told my driver to wait a bit so that I can go and check the status of the train roobroo. To my utter surprise it was still on the platform and then without wasting a single more minute I started running for that. Probably the driver was not interested to take me and so while I was changing the platform through over bridge, I started whistling and moving its body. When I was able to reach the platform at last after dodging all the public and the beggars in the platform, the train almost left the platform. Still I kept on running and managed to throw my luggage and my body on the last compartment, almost jumped on the floor of the train. Some people were watching me and one of them was an army man, aged. He said,” good job my dear, Happy journey”.
I walked all through the train to reach my booked seat and found it was already occupied by some other members, an old couple. They immediately got up to make space for me and I had to comfort them to remain seated in the window side as I was in need of sleeping and was not in a mood to watch sceneries outside. I took a cup of tea and then the old man started talking with me and it was a simple introduction among us. We ordered for dinner. Mine was non-veg and their was veg, I found it a bit odd and so changed mine also and ordered for veg food. It was autumn then and autumn in Jammu means its winter. We wrapped ourselves with proper winter wear. It was a 3tier AC. Except that old couple and me, there were another three seats left in that coupe. We asked the TTE and came to know that those three would join us from Pathankot and the train will reach Pathankot at mid of the night. Jammu was never a good place in terms of terrorism. None can guess from where the attack will come and thus letting some unknown guest to occupy their booked seats was something odd to accept but we didn’t have any other way out. Train reached Pathankot by 11pm and we came out of our coupe to see who are going to be our guest for the rest 12 hours of journey.
A middle aged person came first and then a woman with three huge bags. They took out their tickets from pockets and assured themselves that they got the right ticket. I was still wandering for the third member and there was no sign of that. Train whistled and then the woman raised her voice and called a name,”oye Soniye, chad ja train di. Ki etta gal menu nai samaj di” (Soniya, come inside. Stop talking now) and following the voice a lady came inside. I am sorry. It must be with some other adjectives that I cant describe. A lady came wearing a maroon colored sweater, black jeans two small ponytail in hair. She didn’t come directly inside the train but started waiving bye to her friends or whoever came there to send off them. When the train actually left the platform, she came inside and occupied a seat and almost sat on my laptop bag but immediately realized and apologized. I gave a smile. When the whole word is servant of angels, then who care for a simple materialistic thing?
They had their dinner before and so it didn’t take much time before they put off the light. I was on the upper berth as being a young guy; it was quite obvious that I would have to sacrifice though I didn’t mind as that lady also took another upper berth. But I was too tired to think of anything. I adjusted my pillow and felt asleep in no time.
Suddenly I woke up in mid of the night after a scary dream and found myself all sweaty. Without making any sound, I took out my packet of cigarette, lighter and came out in the lobby to give a little relaxation to my brain. I went inside the bathroom and applied water on my neck and face. Though it was too cold outside, still I found it relieving. When I came out of the washroom, I found it was chilling cold wind outside and the door was open. There was a maroon colored lady standing on the door. I got scared. I got a feeling that this lady was going to commit suicide. To make her aware of my presence, I made a little sound, she didn’t reply. I was in complete confusion, what to do and what not to. She probably understood my situation and so turned towards me and said, “Don’t worry, I am not here to commit suicide”, and gave a smile. She was looking beautiful. That time she covered her face with a scarf. She had good eyes, sharp nose and tiny cute pink lips. I immediately fall in love with her. She interrupted my thinking and said again, “hello, I am talking to you. I guess u were doubting that I may jump from here or else what am I doing at gate of a train, that also in this mid of the night, isn’t?” I didn’t find any reason to say lie. I agreed to whatever she said but still failed to utter a single word but just nodded my head. She said, “Actually I like travelling by train and I like winter breeze. You know where am I going?” again I nodded my head. Previously it was up and down and this time it was both sides. She was spontaneous with her feelings. She didn’t even ask my name but kept on talking with me. I was enjoying that though my thirst for cigarette was making me crazy. After almost ten minutes of conversation, in which I got only two chances to reply and that also by nodding my head, this time, I took courage to speak out a few words,” may I smoke a cigarette?”
– Sorry
– I want to smoke. May i?
– Achche bachche don’t smoke, (good guys don’t smoke), anyway, no problem and I guess my presence will not bother you?
I was like playing in cricket ground where Courtney Walsh was bowling and I was batting without a helmet. Anyway, I ignored her statutory warning and started smoking. She let me space to reach the gate and so she had to come back a little behind. After getting the feelings of nicotine, I asked her, “So you didn’t complete your sentence. Where are you going?”
– I am going to my ammu’s place. (Ammu means Grand Mother)
– Wow, that’s great. Who else is there?
– None, my grandfather died last year and she refused to leave that place and settle with us. That’s why she is all alone there in a huge bungalow at the outskirt of Mumbai. The place is known as Mira Road. I like being there. I like going out for a morning walk, then marketing and shopping in the evening almost every day. I am twenty one and still she keeps on telling me stories of Dracula.
I was wondering, how much happy was that lady. Still we didn’t know each other’s name but she almost told me all her details including her age too. By age she was two years younger than me, only that thing knocked my brain. I said, “So how long you people are going to stay there?”
She replied,” it’s going to be a fifteen days tour.”
I found myself too boring to continue talking with her. Whereas she was spontaneous, charming, there I was only continuing nodding my head. I thought of making the communication a little more interactive and so said, “see we are talking for almost half an hour and still don’t know each other’s name. I am Debraj, was working in a bridge project near Jammu”. She gave a huge smile, made her eyes big and extended her hand for a shake, “I am Nishi, Nishi Chopra, a kinder garden school teacher in Pathankot.”
– Wow, teacher? So Nishi ma’am, I guess it’s Christmas holiday in your school, isn’t?
– Yes sir. Its holiday now and I have applied for another seven days leave.
We completely forgot that actually it was midnight. Almost every passenger of the train was sleeping. We kept of talking and talking. She was really a spontaneous girl. We talked about our boyfriends and girlfriends, then a little about the problems of being in a relationship, how to live happily in life and how to deal with it in crisis, everything was coming out slowly. We closed the door as the wind was freezing us. After closing the door, we the momentum broke and we understood it was 2am and we must have some sleep. She went before me and then I lit another cigarette. When it was finished, I threw the bud and went back to my berth. Nishi was also on top berth, so she noticed me and handed me a small piece of paper. I took the paper and without making any sound, opened it. it was like handing over love letter during school days. Anyway, I opened it and found it was written, “Mobile no?”. She was asking for my number. I didn’t find any reason to hide it though the timing of asking for it was a little weird. She could have taken it on the next day as we were scheduled to travel together for another twelve hours atleast, but didn’t say a word, took out pen and wrote it on the paper. My hands were already frozen so it was shaking. Somehow managed to hand over the paper and got a ping in my mobile. It was a message from some unknown number. I understood, it must be Nishi. It was written, “Hey it’s me, Nishi. Are you feeling sleepy?”
Though I was feeling a little sleepy but who wants to ignore this kind of invitation for midnight with an angel in train. I replied, “Nope, not feeling sleepy at all”.
We started talking again and this type it was written and through SMS. We kept our mobile in silent mode. After almost half an hour we felt a connection in between us and our discussion was very fluent and spontaneous. Actually we were enjoying talking with each other but the mode of talking was too boring. That time there was keypad type phone and that also non-querty type. Within a few minutes, we found it tough to talk through SMS and thus decided to go out. We were a little scared too, if her parents would wake up, she might not take it in good way and could have rebuke her too but she assured me, as we were not going make love, so there wouldn’t be any fear of getting caught and harassed. I laughed and that made a little sound. So we took a pause and then immediately went outside in the lobby. We opened the door too and that time she told me not to smoke and I agreed. We were actually enjoying each other’s company and the little fear of getting caught though as she said, we were not making love.
We were crossing a jungle and probably it was dense, atleast it seemed like that in the darkness of night. She was talking about her boyfriend. They were childhood friend and the guy was from a rich family. The guy already had a girlfriend but as his parents forced him to go for Nishi only, so he has to move his direction towards her. Yes, Nishi was also not fond of that show-off guy. She was telling how she and the guy’s family were forcing to tie the relationship in between them though none of the active members were interested in it. She was telling more about how she was humiliated infront of his friends for being the second choice. She felt like somehow she was an adjusted piece of meat. I felt sorry for her. She was not crying but felt her eyes were moist. I was clueless what to do and what kind of behavior should I show to her, sympathy, empathy or just ignore? I was a lot confused. The train was running fast and I was feeling to give her a hug, a hug of comfort but being so confused of what to do what not to, I didn’t dare to do that but somehow I was also feeling the same with my life. I was also feeling the same kind of problem with me in my own life. Somehow a girl’s position and a guy’s position remain same in case of marriage. Both of them have no power but to accept everything. I stopped worrying of what she would think, moved my face towards her and planted a kiss on her cheek. She didn’t expect that, even I was also not in a position to realize what I had done just then. She saw my face and felt that innocence, I was also smiling, she saw my face once again and then smiled, twisted her lips and then the look was full of astonishment. I was standing being un-smart and was not daring to meet her eyes.
She took my hand in her hand and came closer to me, raised her height by standing on her toe and put her lips on mine. Time was stopped in my watch. I still can’t remember how long that was till we broke the kiss. We broke the kiss and then understood, with only communication for two hours we came very close to each other but the feelings of being stranger was also there, so there was no further movement. We had a hug and another kissing session but it was shorter than the first one. We closed the door and went straight to our bed. Mobile was stating, it was 03:30am then. I sent her a message in mobile, “good night, I don’t know what that was, but it was good. I liked your close presence and obviously the kiss.”
The next day we woke up almost at the same time as those uncle aunties woke up and started their morning chore. Like the slept a lot and then it was their time to talk a lot. We were on the upper bunks and thus gave a smile to each other and went down.
We reached Mumbai at about 6’o clock in the evening. Promised Nishi to be in touch through Phone and mail but somehow the thread was broken. From then we never talked with each other, never met and never shared the story too, probably.


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