A Rape case and after effect…RIP Humanity

Posted: January 2, 2014 in NaBloPoMo
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Oct 25, 2013: a girl was gang-raped by some local anti-socials.

Oct 26, 2013: semi-conscious body found

Oct 27, 2013: FIR at Madhyamgram police station

Oct 27, 2013: while returning after lodging FIR, again the same team with some other guys attacked the lady and gang-raped again

Oct 27, 2013: Spotted in a dazed condition and found by Police. Handed over to her father

Oct 28, 2013: two main accused were arrested by the police but 10 other were not.

Nov 13, 2013: due constant threat from the friends of the rapist and other neighbors, they had to leave the society and take a room in rent near Dumdum airport.

Nov 15, 2013: Family of the rapist came to know the landlady of the flat is relative of one of the accused. Force was coming indirectly to withdraw the charge.

Dec 23, 2013: the girl found burnt, was spotted by her own mother and was hospitalized immediately

Dec 24, 2013: Landlady and her son arrested


Dec 31, 2013:

  1. The lady opened her mouth and gave statement against some people mentioning, she didn’t try to commit suicide but was fired by the friends of the accused.
  2. The lady died
  3. 5pm: post mortem complete, death certificate issued and handed over to the raped lady’s father. He handed the paper to his brother, victim’s uncle.
  4. 7pm: the dead body started for ‘peace heaven’ to keep the body for sometime as they were waiting for some of their relatives to come
  5. 8pm: police took control of the mob and diverted it towards burning ghat.
  6. 12am: reached burning ghat but as there was no Death Certificate and the family refused to produce that, body was returned to the family again.

Jan 01, 2014:

  1. 6am: police again took the body and went to burning ghat and found the repetition of same problem. No death certificate. The family of the victim was threated to co-operate with the police but they refused.
  2. 9am: Body taken to CITU office
  3. 3pm: body taken to burning ghats by CITU leaders and the victim’s family.
  4. 5pm: taken to the furnace

A lady of aged 16, brutally raped, torn apart and then while returning from police station after lodging complaint, got raped again, humiliated by the whole society and ultimately was burnt by the friends of the accused died finally on the last day of the last year. The very 1st day of the year also saw something more painful than that happened with her while she was alive.

Shame our politicians, shame on you. Shame on us.

Our great oppositions in West Bengal have lost their backbone and became so impotent so that they can’t even find an issue to figure out. They are so immature and idiot to set their aim to fight against the power in throne. That’s why they are now trying to grab any opportunity to make their existence visible. What a shame my respected CITU leaders, what a shame!!!

Our just de-throne political leaders gone mad and that’s why they were busy playing politics with the body of a lady who was raped twice and ultimately was burnt to death. They took this incident to wake up their already dead political position. Anyone of those political leaders or the police officials have ever thought about the mental condition of that distressed parents? The lady was raped on October 25th and from then how many of them helped them to live peacefully without any further incident of getting threatened? How many times did those CITU leaders attended the place to ensure the safety of that lady? How on what base they played this game and applied color on a rape victim’s body?

That raped lady was not a political leader or follower by birth but her dad was and thus to hide the inactiveness, suddenly those political leaders raised their voice to earn some cheap publicity. The result is, she is not a raped victim. She is not a raped victim now but a daughter of some CITU supporter who was raped by some anti-socials.

Tomorrow, when another lady will be raped, then also put some political color on it, sometime bring the religion, minority factors too and let our society molest us.

How many of us go for a TMC doctor or CPIM doctor while admitted in a hospital and wait for a surgery? Kamduni showed a path, the path was free of politics. There also CPIM leaders reached to add color on it but the villagers refused to accept their help. Voice was of all the common people and that has become an example of how to raise voice and how to protest. In December 2012 country has seen the protest march against the rapists where people from all the political parties, religions, ages have joined. That was a proper protest.

CITU people, whoever took the decision of doing such nasty things and whoever supported it, followed it are not less than another rapists. Actually those rapists have raped her personally, but you people have raped the society, raped the whole concept of protest.

RIP humanity.





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