Christmas and Eid : a few words and discussions

Posted: December 27, 2013 in NaBloPoMo
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The religions Islam and Christianity being so similar means that the celebrations are probably similar as well? Why is Eid celebrated twice in a year and Christmas only Once?
Christmas is celebrated for the birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th of December but Eid is not celebrated for any prophet’s birth or any significant dates.
Each year, thousands of Christian homes and churches are torched or bombed by Muslim mobs, and hundreds of Christians, including dozens of priests, pastors, nuns and other church workers are murdered at the hands of Islamic extremists. Innocent people have even been hacked to death by devout Muslims over cartoons and probably in the same way but in disguise all the Christian countries are trying to prove themselves as the almighty of the globe by threatening and declaring war against all the Islamic country, resulting loss of many human assets. Though the color of blood is same in both the communities, still people are playing dangerously without any mercy and killing people without counting the heads. Being in a democratic country like India, I have found our so called Indian “Netas” consider Islamic people as minority and thus allows them to enjoy some subsidies, allowances in almost every way. I am not sure about the facilities Christians are entitled in India but feel so hopeless to see that where there are almost 25 percent people are from a same community, then how come they are treated as Minority Caste? Okies, my concern is not that, in a country like India, there are many divisions, sub-divisions for even distributing the public’s wealth. Like SC, ST, OBC, Minority etc. these are also divided in to some other divisions also, like Muslims from Rajasthan, Muslims of Hyderabad, and Muslims from both our neighbor countries, similarly, Goan Christian, Keralite Christian etc. Now look at the global scenario. In States, Europe, most of the people are Christian and in middle-east, most of the countries are Muslim majority. Christian have the most adherents today in this world whereas Muslim stands second in the same. Western countries think that the 70 percent of refugees are Muslim and they are seeking to live in the Christian based Countries, whereas Muslim people thinks Christian people are forcing immigrants to convert their religion into Christians.
Christian members say, Islam teaches their disciples that their founder and early leaders were warriors. They fought a lot to establish their own religion and thus brought peace in the world where as their founder Jesus Christ took birth to spread the love of almighty and even atleast he lived his life as a peace lover and even died in an empty place without fighting with the enemy with a hope that, one day they will remember what they are doing (“Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they’re doing”). Funny part is that in the death of The Christian Almighty, nowhere Islam was to be blamed for but in present scenario, the river of blood is alive only because of the beheading tendency of both the religions and as Christian countries are known as super power in terms of technology and monetary support, they took control of the whole world and thus try to tame the Islam people too. And Islam people know that they can’t win a fight against them in an Open war. They changed their strategy and the changed strategy is considered as terrorism across the world. Actually, somehow it’s a situation where I consider myself as the best and almighty and thus don’t feel sorry to intrude in neighbor’s house even at night or don’t feel ashamed to take their things to consider as mine and if they protest, I will stab them saying they are terrorist. That’s the present situation in our lovely earth.
What am I trying to make clear is that being in a neutral country in terms of religion, we still enjoy Christmas day but not Eid.
Once while coming all my way by train, I thought a lot and felt astonished too. I have both Christian and Muslim friends around me. I have been invited in both of their occasions but still what happens to our metro city people, why do Christmas is celebrated by all but not Eid. Why can’t we celebrate both the occasions with same glam and enjoyment? I thought a lot and then talked with one of my close friend. He smiled at me and the next half an hour we got busy in noting down the found out points.
1. Christian people mostly speak in English, the most used language in the world where as a very few people out of the Muslim territories know their mostly used language like Arabic, urdu etc.
2. For Christmas celebration the date is fixed, i.e. 25th of December, every year and there is no change or uncertainty in this whereas Muslim people can’t fix the date of Eid. So date of celebration varies.
3. Christmas has simpler rituals, get well dressed and join in the festival but in Eid, you have to keep daytime fasting for one month and then also a few religious things to finish before you jump into the celebration. Those who doesn’t belong from Muslim community, feels tough to tune with the thing.
4. As above, center of attraction is how people are celebrating in Christmas but in case of Eid, its how all the rituals are followed.
5. All the 1st world countries are mostly Christian oriented and actually they rule the globe. So their festival becomes everyone’s festival.
6. Most of the celebrities are Christian. From Hollywood to page 3, almost 95% people are Christian and thus the effect of them forces people to follow their celebrations and get motivated. That’s a main reason of being Christmas more festive than Eid.
7. President of States is a Christian whereas how many of us care for the president of Egypt, Iraq, Iran?
8. Young generation is really alcoholic. It is may be injurious to health but still people love it. Christianity promotes wine and alcoholism whereas Islam community strictly avoid it, thus loss in general people interested to join.
9. Where the Christmas is full of style, showcases, there Eid means traditional dress and sometime too conservative too.
10. Very much advertised through social media and a huge marketing capital is invested during Christmas but no such huge investment flee in Eid.
11. In India, we got another reason. We have a tendency to follow people. When Mughal reigned here, people were more Islam prone than of now and as British left our country only a few decades ago, so still we have a tendency to follow their ways.
12. Frequent terrorism and the properly focused headliner by all the countries against that have brought a feel in people that all the terrorists are Muslim only. This anti muslim mentality also forces people to become prone to Christian festival more than that of Islam.
13. Both the celebration bring a superb delicious kind of foods. Christmas is known for food and the Muslim people are world famous for their spicy cuisine.
14. Last point. Advertising and putting a Mascot for the celebration. On any given day, the red dressed white bearded Santa Clause will get more marks than any competitor and there he gets the good luck of his life, Muslim people didn’t put any brand ambassador in this regard. Without any competitor, Santa Just rocks.
PS: I don’t have any intention to de-glorify or disrespect any of the religions or any of the followers. I just wrote what we thought. If anything found irrelevant, wrong or misguiding, please have patience to bring that in to my notice. I do promise, I will rectify that. Feel free to reply me back.


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