Blogpost – 04 : My Valentine’s Day Morning

Posted: February 14, 2013 in NaBloPoMo

Valentine’s Day morning started with a discussion about a guy, who called my fiancée’s friend regarding marriage.  He got her number from some matrimony sites and when the talk with that guy was finished, she understood, the guy behaved rude with her. So she immediately informed my fiancée and as soon as she came to know, she searched for some dumping folder to discuss without any suggestion resulting I got a ping in my whatsapp messenger stating all the facts about guys, that also in a generalize form. How rude, idiot, stupid, coward guys are, is the topic. I had to respond properly, calmly ignoring the fact, I am also a guy but I remembered yesterday’s suggestion given by one of my cousin brother, don’t use your brain while arguing with your fiancée. Always use your heart. I did so, tried to follow my best and kept silence. Then the topic moved to some other direction. Now my fiancée wants to suggest her friend to give her a good bounce back. Whatever he has behaved, however he has behaved, should be replied with sharp tit for tat type reply. Again I had to remain quiet. These are some kind of provocation, where if you react in anyway, you lost the game. I didn’t know that a couple of days back but now a day, I am trying my best to get habituated with this most irritating but sure shot theory for happiness.

Then she got ready for her office and after a while took out a new topic. Then the topic is one of her friend, who lives in Australia got a wonderful surprise gift from her husband, now she is asking her friends, including my fiancée, what to give her husband in reply to that. My fiancée took active part in suggesting things and then declaring that Aussie friend’s husband as the best in the world and all other should be judged considering him as benchmark. After all these talk, she asked me for reply and what else could I reply coz already I was done with my Valentine’s Day thing. I smiled and replied, hummmm. She got angry with the short reply. She was expecting me to support her and consider her words to be taken as taken from The Holy Bible.

My day started knowing how rude, bad a person was, who proposed her friend and then how good a person is that guy, who gifted his wife an awesome surprise gift. I wonder, is there any position for me to breathe? Rose Day, propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Kiss Day, Hug Day and the finally Valentine’s day. Don’t you think all these days are meant for guys to buy gifts, preferably expensive for their mannequin wives? Except buying good gifts, that also preferably costly, is there anything good for us guys on occasion of this great day? Who the hell used to say this day as Lover’s Day?  This is nothing but a bloody expensive day, where guys will have to do routine things that they continue to do throughout the year, but now accompanying with bloody expensive gifts.

Anyway, let’s not generalize things and come to my own point. I am supposed to get married by July of this year. Date has been fixed also but the problem is I live in Mumbai and she stays in Kolkata. So, when she came last time in Mumbai to spend a weekend with me, I gave her a diamond ring. She liked the thing and considered it as a Propose Day Gift as I gave her the thing on that day thinking I will not be able to accompany her on Valentine’s Day. She also got excited after getting the thing but there is a saying said by our folks, out of sight, out of mind and as a result, my day started with stories of two different guys said by my lady and still I am wandering, when my turn will come?

Anyway, don’t waste your time reading my Valentine’s Day story. Make your own and it must be good. You guys deserve it. The only thing I must request you, don’t let your heart take care of your brain. After initial happiness, it hurts. 

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