Inkaar: A good movie with a confusing end

Posted: January 23, 2013 in NaBloPoMo

Like all other Sudhir Mishra films, Inkaar is also a critically acclaimed movie and a very good try to show the sexual harassment of women in professional field but except some good acting and damn sexy looks of two super sexy actors, jaw dropping confessions nothing worth in it, even lacked of a good story in which Sudhir did specialization in his earlier movies. Ok,lets not fight over the issue whether this was a good movie to watch or not coz I will suggest people to watch it atleast for once. My main point is not what is shown in the movie and whats there in their subtle good acting but over the script. In every melodramatic bollywood movies, whether it is innovative or something old conceptual, the only thing shown is that at the end of the game, guy wins and the girl falls in love over the guy. That’s ridiculous thing happens in almost every movies. You can take example from SRK’s Swadesh to anything, even latest JTHJ. No offence to that but the only thing I will rather prefer to show in any movie is that girls force man to fall in love to suck them, use them properly. No one, except Debdas is free from this scenario. It happens in most of the stories except some typical and low budget never gave hit directors. That is also because they don’t use ladies or don’t use any heroine in any picture.

Here in this Inkaar, Arjun Rampal is shown a successful manager in his career and gave break to a mediocre girl and trained her in such a way so that after sometime she became asset of the company and to some extent challenges his position. The story starts from this point and here again the same thing happens, to teach her a good lesson and to get stuck in his ego, he starts to play a role of a villain and somehow a sex-monger (though at the end of the story, it seems, there were some emotions also involved in that). Come on guys, this is surely not done. Here it is shown that only because of the affair they had developed, both the guy and the girl were sucked but sometime the scenario is totally different. A guy can never confess how much harassed he was during the process of strengthening his own career. A girl can sleep with someone and can put on heavy make up to please her bosses and as we guys get pleased with all these shit activities of a girl, helps her to get promoted by neglecting, yes guys, this is the word, and we do neglect the right guy candidate for that. Then after reaching certain position and designation, the girl starts her own role of being bitch to the people. That’s what happens in most of the industry now a day. Guys have to work hard and even harder to get a position and yam I do agree, except initial harassment, girl reaches on top only by envying her assets and then blames guy for being harassing at work place. While fighting to grab a position, they sincerely uses the emotion of a guy and when the things are done, smartly denies the fact of being personal with anybody and even forgets the ladder to reach there also. I liked the fact that, Sudhir, though he could have depict the things in more convincing way rather than showing Arjun being the best but as competitor, managed to draw a proper picture of the thing at the end of the story while Chitrangada refuses to sleep with John but that was just a sudden thought of winding up the movie as it is already a long two hour journey to reach a conclusion. I am sorry, if I am making people confused over my words, but the fact is that here the word of sexual harassment used to blame the guys only and that happens in general but what is shown in picture is that neither the girl was harassed nor both of them were harassed but we audience and the guy was harassed in real. While fucking somebody meant nothing but to get or grab apposition in an organization, there really it doesn’t make any sense of her filing a complaint against a colleague. It is rather a shit to start a story or could have done with some more soft touches rather than showing things like in a confession board or in some court. It’s really confusing. Getting a role in a movie directed by a good director or produced under good banner or lots of other issues are there happens in our society where we can say or call it a sexual harassment but here the concept of filing that thing and all discussions over the issue is nothing but an utter shit.

I liked the acting of all the actors, camera positioning was also awesome and liked the camouflage of being child earlier days is really nice but confusing while after confessing love for each other, both of them departed in their own way.

Anyway, guys, u can go for it.

Love u all.




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